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Estelle in the Moon Lodge

Estelle in the Moon Lodge at San Creed, Penzance

What are Karmic Breakthrough Retreats with Estelle?

Inspired by enquiries from clients about shorter retreats, I have just re-modelled my retreat package. Instead of providing 8 hours of therapy spread out in 2 hour sessions over 5 days, I am now working on a 2 or 3 day model.

First I have an initial FREE telephone consultation with clients to decide if the way i work is a good match for the kind of issues they need assistance with. Then we agree on the number of hours of treatment would be appropriate and whether the sessions are going to happen over a 2 or 3 day period. The sessions can be mid week, or they can be over a weekend or long weekend. The idea is to provide as much time and support for transformation as possible in a shorter time frame. The new more condensed format gives many more people the opportunity to experience the transformational magic of a one-on-one healing retreat.

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Who can the retreats help?

I have helped hundreds of clients transform many different personal problems and life situations. However, the following list is a guide to the kind of issues that people are coming to me for help with in their retreats right now.

Being held back by huge, unexplainable levels of guilt, shame and / or simply not being good enough
Guilt stored in our emotional energy field is a huge block to us embodying our real nature. Trying to move forward in life while carrying unresolved guilt and / or shame is like trying to drive with your foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. It can feel like you are banging your head against an invisible wall. There are many events that can leave an imprint of these negative emotions in our subconscious. Common root causes of guilt and shame can be programming we absorbed in our mother’s womb, traumatic experiences in our childhood and / or unresolved issues from past lives. Finding out how and why we are judging ourselves as guilty or not good enough, and where we are storing this programming is essential to enable us to move forwards. Releasing these harrowing, limiting feelings can be a totally transformative experience. Imagine suddenly realising that you were never to blame. And imagine being able to create your life knowing in every cell of your body that you are worthy of receiving love. That is the kind of transformation that is possible using the Karmic Breakthrough.

Energetic sensitivity and not being fully present in life
Being empathic and / or energetically sensitive means that you are able to sense other people’s unresolved emotional turmoil. It can be incredibly confusing and exhausting. Many empaths go through their lives absorbing other people’s troubles and pain without realising what is happening. In constantly helping others to feel better, they absorb low vibrating energies, over-give and end up depleting themselves. Their sensitivity is the unrecognised root of their fatigue, their need to isolate themselves in order to recuperate and their feelings of inadequacy and despair. A Karmic Breakthrough retreat provides the perfect safe environment to help you understand how to manage your sensitivity and use it in a positive way. All my teachings and healing processes around this topic come from my own experience of being highly sensitive to energy and of being an empath. There are varying degrees of energetic sensitivity. Whether you find it difficult to remain grounded, or whether your energy has schismed almost entirely out of your body, I can help. I have literally seen people become present in their bodies and breathe properly for the first time, in front of my eyes. In terms of the basic requirements you need to function successfully in life, there really is no substitute for actually being present.

Compassionate release of entities and negative energies
When our lives are touched by people whose motives are aligned with negative, destructive patterns of consciousness, we can carry the imprint of that energy for years. In fact, these dark, distorted imprints can be carried through ancestral lines and can affect many generations within a family. They can also be carried over from our past lives. Addictions, miscarriages, abortions, extreme difficulty in bonding with your children and sexual abuse are all examples of the chronic and debilitating behaviour patterns that can be driven by dark imprints and distorted patterns of energy in a family’s spiritual energy field. It is possible, however, to trace back through past lives and ancestral lines to find where these powerful energy patterns first became corrupted and disturbed. It is then necessary to re-align the damaged areas of your family’s energy field with pure source energy. Releasing negative energies, entities and / or the influence of black magic and curses from your family line is extremely powerful. It requires you to have a deep level of commitment to transforming your life. However, for those who are willing do the work, the results are instant and unparalleled by anything else I have ever seen or experienced in the field of alternative medicine.

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Testimonials from recent retreats

“I would recommend a retreat with Estelle to anyone – in a heartbeat.”
Adam Chatterton, Sweden (January 2015)

“fun, soothing and worth every penny”
Recently divorced, years of mild depression, with a feeling my head was going to explode, several negative/ bad habits – and then I found Estelle, what a touch! Two sessions later and I am dancing and singing like never before, my head feels normal and I am smiling. Over the weekend I learnt so much about myself, and put to bed some major issues, both in this life time and past lifetimes. Absolutely amazing two days, a journey I wish to continue. Everything Estelle claims on her web page and more she can deliver, no doubt about it. And the icing on the cake, it was all done with with such love/ care & humour, it was fun, soothing and worth every penny.
Andy House, St Albans UK (October 2016)

“happier and stronger since our retreat sessions”
“Hi Estelle 🙂 how are you? I am feeling a lot happier and stronger since our retreat sessions. You’ve helped me understand and answer a lot of questions. It was lovely meeting and working with you. I’ve been to Shrewsbury today to sign my tenancy, so the house I have been waiting so long for is now my new home!! Thank you for everything! Love and double hugs.”
Claire Alty, Shrewsbury, UK (October 2016)

Want to know more?

Here’s what to do next:

Call Estelle now on 07539 780107 for a FREE telephone consultation.
There is absolutely no obligation to book a retreat after your conversation. And who knows? It might be the beginning of the transformation you have always known is within you.

Where are the retreats held?

I am currently offering retreats in my favourite therapy rooms in San Creed, Penzance. There are a wide selection of restful and beautiful places to stay and you arrange and pay for your accommodation separately.

What is the investment for a retreat?

The investment for a retreat is based upon the number of hours that we work together. The minimum number of therapy hours that constitute a mini retreat is 6 hours. The retreats can last for either two or three days. Please get in touch with me to discuss my retreat package which includes recordings of personalized healing processes that will assist you in integrating your healing once you return to your every day life.

Call Estelle now on 07539 780107 for a FREE telephone consultation.
There is absolutely no obligation to book a retreat after your conversation. And who knows? It might be the beginning of the transformation you have always known is within you.

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