About Estelle’s retreats

Feedback from a recent retreat client:

“A-MA-ZING!! I don’t have the words to describe our work together during my healing retreat with Estelle. I feel clearer, more centred and happier then ever before. And my own work has become more powerful as a result. I have already received far more healing than I ever thought was possible and I look forward to our continuing journey together.”

Alan Dolan, The Breath Guru

Healing packages and retreats with Estelle

There are a number of ways to get an intensive burst of super deep, transformative healing with Estelle. If you are looking for depth of teaching, holding and transformation combined with ongoing support, then one of Estelle’s four session intensive healing packages or retreats is a great next move. In each of the following packages and retreats you will benefit from Estelle’s fast and accurate analysis of the real root cause of what’s hurting or hindering you, coupled with the equally accurate and powerful healing transmissions you need to re-align those energies with pure source and your full potential.

Who are these retreats and healing packages for?

These retreats and packages have been specifically created for sensitive people who feel like they are blocked and that something that doesn’t make rational sense is stopping them from moving forwards in their lives. If you are so aware of other people’s wants and needs that you find it difficult, and even frightening, to express your own real nature and what you want and need, this experience will be invaluable to you.

The retreats and packages free sensitive people, like you, from your prison of over-giving and under valuing yourself. The healing sessions release deep traumas and energetic entanglements with other souls. They get to the root of the knots, block and locks in your energy body that may well have been stopping you from achieving your full potential and fulfilling your soul’s highest purpose for centuries.

Current packages and retreats

The Karmic Breakthrough (Healing Package or Retreat)
Break through blocks to rewarding relationships (Healing Package or Retreat)
The Ultimate Intuitive You (Healing Package or Retreat)

Package and Retreat Details – what is included:

You receive:

* 4 Karmic Breakthrough healings, Sacred Site Visits or Ultimate You Discovery sessions
(each session lasts 90 mins, and will be received either during your 2 or 3 day retreat, or over four weekly calls if you are contacting me via Skype or phone)

The focus of these sessions will be on releasing and healing cellular memories of trauma from your ancestral lines. The sessions will also focus on increasing the permission levels you have to:

a) feel happy and connected to a sense of genuine well-being in life;
b) use and develop your intuitive / psychic gifts;
c) step into your unique life purpose and personal power.

The following additional support is provided each week for the two weeks following your retreat, or each week for the duration of your four week Skype or telephone healing package:

* unlimited email support when you need extra questions answered (my aim is to respond within 24 hours whenever possible).

* 2 times 10 min “Something has cropped up and I need your help” laser coaching sessions (delivered via telephone)

* 2 times 10 min remote energetic holding sessions – text or email me and I will send you distance energy healing to rebalance your energy system.

Special Deliverables

* a copy of my new book: Be Who You Came To Be: How to connect with your Soul’s True Wisdom to find your Purpose Gifts and Power – this contains more than 100 pages of helpful, practical advice and healing processes I have used to help both myself and hundreds of clients to get back into their bodies and regain access to their energy.

Please note: due to the depth of teaching, additional holding and transformation achieved through these sessions they are NOT available on the same basis as my initial Karmic Breakthrough healing sessions. The sessions and the support levels provided are available exclusively to clients who purchase my four session intensive healing packages or one of my retreats.  Full payment in advance is required to confirm your booking of a healing package and is 50 per cent refundable up to four weeks prior to the agreed start date of the package.

Please do get in touch by email (info@estellegillingham.com) or phone (+44 (0)7539 780107) if you have any questions about any of the above. I look forward very much to hearing from you and to helping you breakthrough to a happier, freer and more empowered you.

What kind of issues do people bring to Estelle’s retreats?
You will cover a lot of ground in this retreat. Estelle has now had the privilege of helping hundreds of sensitive people. She specialises in working with people who, despite being very capable, struggle to get the kind of outcomes they want in life and are blocked from bringing their talents into the world.

Energetic sensitivity
Estelle says: “I work with a lot of people who, whether they realise it or not, are highly sensitive to energy and very empathic. Being able to sense other people’s unresolved emotional turmoil can be incredibly confusing and exhausting and can lead to high levels of depression, isolation and even despair. There is a huge need in our society for high quality information about how to manage energetic sensitivity and the massive affect it can have on people’s lives. I work with people on retreats to help them understand how their sensitivity can be managed and then used in a positive way. All my teachings and healing processes come from my own experience of being highly sensitive to energy and of being an empath. For me, information on this topic HAS to be practical and accessible – and it has to make a real difference. There are varying degrees of energetic sensitivity and I have helped people who find it difficult to remain grounded and also people whose energy has schismed almost entirely out of their bodies. I have literally seen people become present in their bodies again, or for the first time, in front of my eyes. They are then able to reconnect both with their physical body and then become present in their life.

Lack of purpose or high levels of dissatisfaction with life
Estelle says: “I also see a lot of people who find it pretty well impossible to accept and engage with the ideas about life and success that their families, employers or society have given them. This may not seem a huge issue, but if the people surrounding you are constantly providing you with a template or image of how you should be, and you know you can never authentically be like that, it can make you always feel that you are to blame for being different, not up to the mark or like an outsider. In such cases, I help people to understand the validity and value of the way they see the world. I help them release the energetic programming they have stored in their energy bodies that have thus far prevented them from connecting to the energy of who they really are.”

A free telephone consultation to help you decide
If you would like to ask Estelle questions and find out how her retreats can be tailored to help you as an individual, claim your free consultation now by calling Estelle on 07539 780107.

Estelle’s approach to retreats

Estelle totally honours the level of commitment to healing yourself that coming on a retreat requires and, with each retreat, Estelle’s promise is to match that level of commitment.

Estelle is the creator of the cutting edge Karmic Breakthrough healing system. She specialises in releasing sensitive people from the darkest and heaviest imprints known to the human soul. She uses her background in energy work, psychic channeling, Forensic Healing, Yoga and Qi Gong to create a totally unique blend of sessions for you that meet you exactly where you are. Her healing sessions with you are both magical and entirely practical and provide you with the tools, the wisdom and the healing you need to bring relief and new approaches to the situations that are causing you challenges in your day to day life.

Claim your free consultation now by calling Estelle on 07539 780107.

Why are these retreats and healing packages so popular and so needed right now?

We are living through extraordinary and extraordinarily challenging times. Changes are taking place deep within our consciousness and deep within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. We are witnessing the impending collapse of many institutions and structures that have, until now, provided the countries we live in with a sense of security. Powerful and multiple occurrences of planetary conjunctions and events like the recent series of Uranus and Pluto squares, lunar eclipses and solar flares are driving nations and individuals towards greater truth and inevitable change.

On a personal level, the timer is also ticking. The days where we could compromise on delivering our soul’s true purpose are simply running out. If we stay in work situations where we are not sharing our authentic gifts with the world, we become plagued by our lack of integrity. If we hide in relationships where we aren’t communicating our soul’s deepest wants and needs, we know all about it. We feel compromised, conflicted and uncomfortable. Anywhere and everywhere, if we are showing up as distorted, smaller versions of ourselves, it adds to our sense that something is deeply wrong. And it eats away at our vitality.

In times such as these where the only constant is change, we need (as Einstein would say) to rise above the mindset in which our current problems have been created. We need to connect to larger, more expansive sources of energy and light intelligence than our small, fearful, mind-created selves have allowed us to have access to. We need energy healing right now to strengthen our belief that better outcomes are possible. We also need transmissions of high-vibrating healing energies to strengthen our new identities. To change the way we behave, we first need to change our beliefs about ourselves so that we can realease the need for things to stay the same. We need to break free of the limiting momentum of past identities and to deeply believe that we are the people who can make better outcomes happen.

Deep in our body wisdom we know that change is both possible and unavoidable. We know that each of us must release and heal those parts of our psyche that remain untrue to our eternal selves. Whether we like it or not, the time has arrived for each of us to do our work. Each of us must now heal and transform the cultural and karmic programming that stops us achieving our full potential by aligning with who we came to be.

The possibilities for healing that the new planetary energies have made available to us now are truly astonishing. But without a map and an experienced guide, we can get trapped in a maze of attempts at healing ourselves. The clearer and more effective this often mysterious healing process can be made, the shorter the time it will take for us to embody our purpose and play our part in making transformation possible for ourselves and for everyone.

A free telephone consultation to help you decide
If you would like to ask Estelle questions and find out how her retreats can be tailored to help you as an individual, claim your free consultation now by calling Estelle on 07539 780107.

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