Karmic Breakthrough

What is the Karmic Breakthrough?


Deep karmic wounds require deep levels of embodied sensitivity, deep levels of insight and deep connection with the highest light in order to heal.

What is different about the Karmic Breakthrough, and how Estelle is able to give special healing transmissions.



A Karmic Breakthrough powerfully reconnects you to your abundance, confidence and vitality. The process was created by Estelle Gillingham, a diploma qualified Forensic Energy Healer. It helps clients who, despite being very talented, are blocked from accessing their soul’s greatest gifts and full potential.  The Karmic Breakthrough reconnects people to their divine nature so that they can fully embody their gifts and make their vision of heaven a reality here on earth.

The process identifies and heals limiting programming and traumatic memories from our current life, our past lives and our ancestral lines. If unresolved, these knots and locks in our energy fields can prevent us from enjoying fulfilling careers and relationships.   They are also a constant, unexplainable drain on our energy, limiting and preventing our connection to the flow of living light intelligence that supports our abundance, sustains our vitality and enables us to receive love.



Who can the process help?

Estelle has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world. The vast majority of the people she sees are what she would describe as “old souls”. They are sensitive to energy and awake. Although they have worked (often for many years) on their healing issues, the current accelerated expansion of consciousness we are going through is making life painful, frustrating and difficult for them.

As the amount of light being beamed into the earth plane increases, the depth and complexity of the problems that come forward from the unconscious also increases. The more spiritually capable a soul is, (whether they are aware of their talents or not), and the more lifetimes they have had, the more complex, binding and debilitating the layers of unresolved problems are that they are being asked to transform.


People who feel they are not moving forward

Estelle has found that the issues that are making her clients feel as if they have hit a brick wall in their healing are firmly rooted in both their past lives and their ancestral lines. The wounds that are surfacing now are deeper, more complex and much more karmic in nature than ever before. To heal these karmic patterns and wounds it is necessary to identify and radically reconfigure the energy and emotional glue that keep these layers fused together.

It is the links between these layers, between our wounds from our current lives, our past lives and our ancestors lives that keeps these limiting energies locked into place in our energy fields. And the reason why these wounds are pressing to the front of our consciousness now is because:

  1. it is the right time for them to be healed;
  2. there is now enough light and awareness for these patterns to be transformed, both for ourselves, and for the benefit of everyone.


How do I know if the root cause of my problems is karmic?

The particular combination of knots, blocks and locks we store in our energy body because of unresolved past life and ancestral issues is unique to each of us. However, the ways karmic blocks manifest in people’s lives are the same for people all over the world.

Unresolved karma can:

  • cause wounds and blocks around the heart that make it difficult to trust and to receive from other people and from life;
  • cause deeply embedded patterns and habits that keep you self-sabotaging and prevent you from moving forward in life;
  • obscure and distort your ability to see your true value and keep you stuck in unhelpful relationships that do not nurture your real nature;
  • cause irrational feelings of guilt, responsibility and shame and a feeling of never being good enough;
  • keep you rescuing others in an attempt to gain approval, safety and love;
  • be the real root cause of repeating depression and chronic fatigue;


Unresolved trauma can also be the main factor that prevents you from feeling safe enough to be fully present in, and connected to, your physical body.

Being present in the world without being able to embody your true divine nature because of trauma and karmic wounds can make life extremely difficult. The problems this can cause include:

  • uncomfortable levels of sensitivity to light, to loud, rapid and / or dissonant sounds;
  • sensitivity to being touched and anxiety or discomfort around people who are carrying a lot of unresolved pain;
  • extreme difficulty in bringing your soul’s real gifts into the physical world.


The emotional and psychological impact of unresolved karmic wounds.

Carrying a lot of karmic wounds and trauma can make you extremely sensitive, even if you are not aware of it, or have never heard yourself described by that term before. If you are energetically sensitive, it may well seem to you that the majority of people around you cope incredibly well in their lives in a way you never feel able to. They are not affected by issues and events in the same deep way that you are. This can:

  • seriously undermine your confidence and self esteem;
  • be incredibly isolating, because everything you do involves so much recovery time;
  • make you feel as if you are making things up, leading you to doubt your judgement and even your sanity;
  • make you feel that at the level that matters most to you, you are not being understood;
  • lead you to be continually critical of yourself;
  • lose hope, be close to despair or feel suicidal because a lot of what happens in life seems incredibly pointless;
  • judge yourself as a failure.

How does the Karmic Breakthrough help?

Estelle’s approach to healing is to intuitively identify the root cause of your problems and then to change the underlying energy that holds that pain trapped inside you. One of the great benefits of the way she works is that the consultation time is very short.

The sessions are not like counseling, psychotherapy or other talking therapies. Estelle is extremely physically sensitive to energy fields and as you begin talking you will quickly form an overlapping energy field between your heart and hers. This shared field of energy information allows Estelle to sense when your body is really resonating with what you are saying. This awareness and sensitivity to body resonance enables Estelle to listen to what you are saying at an extremely deep level. She will receive information very quickly about which issues are the hot topics that are ready for you to heal right now.

Using body resonance and deep empathetic listening, means the real consultation is with the multiple energy body’s that form your personal energy signature and energy field. It’s a very beautiful, compassionate and natural way to identify where you are holding stuck energy and what your healing priorities are.


Transforming old and unwanted energies

The next part of the process is where the deep healing occurs. There are three main ways that Estelle will work with your energy that will make your session with her incredibly transformational:

  1. Disengaging the Fight and Flight response

This first step:

  • releases your body and mind from the physiological effects of your fight and flight response;
  • is deeply calming for your inner child and gives you the physical experience of safety that your senses need to return you to your natural state of confidence and well-being;
  • releases you from the grip of your fear-based reptilian mind giving you access to your heart-mind, your higher consciousness and resources and ideas from the unified field.


  1. Healing transmissions to release old patterns of energy

This second step:

  • brings high vibrating, living, light intelligence into the stuck and slow-moving areas of your energy field and returns them to their natural high frequency;
  • transforms the karmic contracts that keep you tied into other people’s energy fields;
  • enables you to embody more of your true divine nature.


  1. Soul retrieval: gathering up your energy orphans

This third step is where the lost and frozen parts of your essential energy that schism out of your energy field during traumatic experiences are located and returned to your heart-field. This part of the healing:

  • reduces feelings of general anxiety and, more specifically, makes you less sensitive to situations that remind you of traumatic events that you have been storing in your subconscious mind;
  • makes more of your essential energy is available to you; increasing your energy levels and enthusiasm for life;
  • enhances your ability to connect with the wisdom stored in your body i.e. the self-healing magic and intuitive powers of your divine inner child.


The benefits of the Karmic Breakthrough

“The best work we can do to prepare for ascension is to clear our emotional traumas.” Drunvalo Melchezidek.

Transforming the deep karmic wounds caused by ancestral and past-lives trauma is the most important work a soul can accomplish at this stage in our awakening.  They are the most enduring smudges and stains on the lenses through which we perceive and create our lives and the nature of our reality.   These wounds are deeply challenging and truly test our ability to hold ourselves steady. However, once they are healed, the relief is palpable.

The seven major benefits that clients report as a result of their Karmic Breakthrough healing can be summed up as follows:

  • they have more of their essential energy available to them which means they feel more confident, more present and grounded and more in control of their lives. This means they can spend more time creating the things they are passionate about;
  • they feel more relaxed, far less burdened and much more supported by life;
  • they feel more connected to their real nature, and have greater clarity about what they do and don’t want to do in their lives;
  • they have greater levels of insight into what has been driving their behaviour and suffering. They are clearer about what they need to do to step out of repeating cycles of pain;
  • they have greater clarity about their boundaries and what is and what isn’t acceptable to them;
  • they are more able to speak their truth and better able to move away from damaging and painful relationships.
  • they have far greater clarity about their soul’s authentic purpose in life, more freedom to follow their dharmic path and greater access to the gifts that will enable them to do this.



Book a FREE 15 minute consultation

If you would like to discuss how the Karmic Breakthrough could help with your specific circumstances, Estelle offers a free 15 minute consultation. You can get an answer to any questions you have, plus get the benefit of her initial intuitive guidance as to what the root of your problem is.

For a FREE 15 minute consultation call Estelle on: 01736 811054.

Where are the sessions held?

The majority of Estelle’s clients work with her via Skype or telephone. However, she also has a limited number of one-to-one retreats available at a magical location in the beautiful Living Well Healing Centre in Cornwall. For more information please call Estelle on: 07539 780107.
Or email her at egillingham481@gmail.com


Your investment:

The investment for a retreat or Skype package is based upon the number of hours that we work together. The minimum number of therapy hours that constitute a mini retreat is 6 hours. The retreats can last for either two or three days. Please get in touch with me to discuss my retreat package which includes recordings of personalized healing processes that will assist you in integrating your healing once you return to your every day life.


The Karmic Breakthrough is based on the Forensic Healing protocol. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any disease, physical or mental. The use of a Karmic Breakthrough session is specifically for addressing the underlying spiritual issues that may be causing stress.

The Karmic Breakthrough should not be construed as a prescription, a promise of benefits, claims of cures, or a guarantee of results to be achieved.

The information, instruction or advice given during a Karmic Breakthrough session is not intended to be a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. You should not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken pursuant to medical advice without obtaining approval from your healthcare professional.

As a client, you must take complete responsibility for your own physical health and emotional well-being.

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