The Karmic Breakthrough


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The Karmic Breakthrough

Many sensitive people don’t feel they have the right to be who they really are.

They spend more time guiding and supporting the people around them than they do investing in their own well-being.  And that means they don’t take those actions that would create a quantum leap in their own fulfilment by enabling them to pursue and achieve their own dreams.

But there is a way to build a strong connection with your soul’s highest nature so that you have the confidence, energy and determination to express yourself authentically and be who you came to be.

Imagine knowing to your core that you have the right, and that you’re good enough, to pursue your own unique vision for life and to be who you came to be.

And imagine waving goodbye to the fear, shame and guilt that stop you expressing what you want and need and keep you trapped in a prison of over-giving.

And imagine instead having everything you need – from deeply rooted security to inspiring future-self clarity – to reclaim your rights and embrace the new identities and strategies that will enable you to use your energy to achieve the outcomes in life that mean the world to you.

That’s all possible, but you need a proven system to do it.  One that includes a unique approach to building a connection with your soul’s highest nature.

The Karmic Breakthrough – a unique system of healing for Sensitive Souls

There are three essential steps that sensitive and older souls need to feel whole, loved and able to move forward on their soul’s true path.

In the Karmic Breakthrough, Estelle will help you deeply experience and integrate these three steps.

Of course the path to fully living in these energies and accessing them any time you want is a deeper longer path, and in our 8 weeks together, you’ll experience a taste of things that many people never feel in their entire lifetime.

Once sensitive people are free from the energetic matrix of habits, emotions, behaviours, feelings and thoughts that have been holding them locked down in patterns of low self-esteem and self sabotage– they are free to use their sensitivity as a powerful, sacred gift.

Step One – Consulting into your inner healer

Most people spend their entire life attempting to find the real root cause of their suffering.  And they are led again and again to a dead end and the parts of their soul that were frozen in trauma, fear and pain remain buried and hidden.

In our first healing sessions, we’ll establish an empathic connection with your inner child.  This is the part of you that has always been present, and always connected to your divine essence, throughout the entire history of your soul.

The moment we tune into the wisdom of your divine essence, and it only takes a matter of seconds, we’ll access your personal gold mine of healing.  Who else, other than your inner child could guide you to where your soul hurts the most?   Or to the healing frequencies you need in order to taste genuine peace, acceptance and hope?

Step Two – Moving from trauma to triumph

In the second part of our work together, we’ll take the handbrake off your spiritual development by releasing your body and central nervous system from deeply embedded levels of fight and flight.

Not healing and releasing their trauma is a HUGE reason why many sensitive people don’t access their full intuitive ability and fail to uncover their soul’s true gifts.  Their intuition remains firmly welded to the hyper-vigilant, anxious and jumpy, hard-wired habits of their fear-based minds – a place in which there is little hope or expectation that different and better outcomes can be available.

We’ll begin by reconnecting your body and heart to the living light intelligence of Mother Earth – an energy that is filled with more magic than most people experience in their entire lives.  We’ll re-tune your psychic antennae so that you can hear the deep wisdom your body holds about who you are, who you came into this world to be, and how to recover your voice and your power.

Then we’ll soothe and recover the parts of you that are triggered and activated by anything that reminds you of old, deeply buried wounds.  And we’ll reclaim your core energy by retrieving the parts of your soul that have schismed out of your energy body in extreme trauma.  Not only will you be able to access energy that’s been trapped and unavailable for years, you’ll also be able to make decisions from an empowered place of centred calm.

And instead of following the old programs that keep you slamming on the brakes and shutting things down when you have a chance to grow and evolve, you’ll taste what it feels like to be fully present in your own body, fully tuned into what you want and need, and ready for fresh adventures in life.

Step 3: Releasing deep karmic wounds and ties

Most sensitive people spend their lives entirely unaware that their deepest sense of isolation or unworthiness to receive love or to really succeed using their authentic gifts is due to centuries of untransformed traumatic memories, limiting programming and unresolved pain stored in their cellular memory.

In the third and final part of our work together we’ll tune into subconscious programs from your ancestral lines, from the collective subconscious and from past lives, you’ll realise that who you really are is deeper and more powerful than you ever imagined.

Compassionate release of entities and negative energies

We will introduce you to the freedom of a clear family spiritual space. Before you experience this gift, you or people in your family may be trapped in negative and addictive patterns. When our lives have been touched by people whose motives are aligned with negative, destructive patterns of consciousness, we can carry the imprint of that energy for years. In fact, these dark, distorted imprints can be carried through ancestral lines and can affect many generations within a family. They can also be carried over from our past lives.

The moment we re-align the damaged areas of your family spiritual space with pure source energy, you’ll taste what it feels like to allow the static and stress to melt away as you emerge as a lighter and brighter version of yourself.  And you’ll experience the power and peace that comes from being able to tap in, each day, to your own true nature and your connection with all that is.

What I provide:

•   lightning fast access to the place in your energy field where the root of the problem is;

•   a map of the territory;

•   soul retrieval plus compassionate release of the dark imprints in your energy field

•   removal of the entities hooked into your family spiritual space that prevent soul retrieval AND keep attracting more negative outcomes into your life and create distorted behaviours in your family;

•   Healing transmissions to re-write distorted information and bring people back into alignment with their real nature and with Source energy.

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More about the Karmic Breakthrough

Deep karmic wounds require deep levels of embodied sensitivity, deep levels of insight and deep connection with the highest light in order to heal.

A Karmic Breakthrough powerfully reconnects you to your abundance, confidence and vitality. The process was created by Estelle Gillingham, a diploma qualified Forensic Energy Healer. It helps clients who, despite being very talented, are blocked from accessing their soul’s greatest gifts and full potential.  The Karmic Breakthrough reconnects people to their divine nature so that they can fully embody their gifts and make their vision of heaven a reality here on earth.

The process identifies and heals limiting programming and traumatic memories from our current life, our past lives and our ancestral lines. If unresolved, these knots and locks in our energy fields can prevent us from enjoying fulfilling careers and relationships.   They are also a constant, unexplainable drain on our energy, limiting and preventing our connection to the flow of living light intelligence that supports our abundance, sustains our vitality and enables us to receive love.

Who can the Karmic Breakthrough help?

Estelle has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world. The vast majority of the people she sees are what she would describe as “old souls”. They are sensitive to energy and awake. Although they have worked (often for many years) on their healing issues, the current accelerated expansion of consciousness we are going through is making life painful, frustrating and difficult for them.

As the amount of light being beamed into the earth plane increases, the depth and complexity of the problems that come forward from the unconscious also increases. The more spiritually capable a soul is, (whether they are aware of their talents or not), and the more lifetimes they have had, the more complex, binding and debilitating the layers of unresolved problems are that they are being asked to transform.

People who feel they are not moving forward

Estelle has found that the issues that are making her clients feel as if they have hit a brick wall in their healing are firmly rooted in both their past lives and their ancestral lines. The wounds that are surfacing now are deeper, more complex and much more karmic in nature than ever before. To heal these karmic patterns and wounds it is necessary to identify and radically reconfigure the energy and emotional glue that keep these layers fused together.

It is the links between these layers, between our wounds from our current lives, our past lives and our ancestors lives that keeps these limiting energies locked into place in our energy fields. And the reason why these wounds are pressing to the front of our consciousness now is because:

  1. it is the right time for them to be healed;
  2. there is now enough light and awareness for these patterns to be transformed, both for ourselves, and for the benefit of everyone.

How do I know if the root cause of my problems is karmic?

The particular combination of knots, blocks and locks we store in our energy body because of unresolved past life and ancestral issues is unique to each of us. However, the ways karmic blocks manifest in people’s lives are the same for people all over the world.

Unresolved karma can:

  • cause wounds and blocks around the heart that make it difficult to trust and to receive from other people and from life;
  • cause deeply embedded patterns and habits that keep you self-sabotaging and prevent you from moving forward in life;
  • obscure and distort your ability to see your true value and keep you stuck in unhelpful relationships that do not nurture your real nature;
  • cause irrational feelings of guilt, responsibility and shame and a feeling of never being good enough;
  • keep you rescuing others in an attempt to gain approval, safety and love;
  • be the real root cause of repeating depression and chronic fatigue;

Unresolved trauma can also be the main factor that prevents you from feeling safe enough to be fully present in, and connected to, your physical body.

Being present in the world without being able to embody your true divine nature because of trauma and karmic wounds can make life extremely difficult. The problems this can cause include:

  • uncomfortable levels of sensitivity to light, to loud, rapid and / or dissonant sounds;
  • sensitivity to being touched and anxiety or discomfort around people who are carrying a lot of unresolved pain;
  • extreme difficulty in bringing your soul’s real gifts into the physical world.

The emotional and psychological impact of unresolved karmic wounds.

Carrying a lot of karmic wounds and trauma can make you extremely sensitive, even if you are not aware of it, or have never heard yourself described by that term before. If you are energetically sensitive, it may well seem to you that the majority of people around you cope incredibly well in their lives in a way you never feel able to. They are not affected by issues and events in the same deep way that you are. This can:

  • seriously undermine your confidence and self esteem;
  • be incredibly isolating, because everything you do involves so much recovery time;
  • make you feel as if you are making things up, leading you to doubt your judgement and even your sanity;
  • make you feel that at the level that matters most to you, you are not being understood;
  • lead you to be continually critical of yourself;
  • lose hope, be close to despair or feel suicidal because a lot of what happens in life seems incredibly pointless;
  • judge yourself as a failure.

How does the Karmic Breakthrough help?

Estelle’s approach to healing is to intuitively identify the root cause of your problems and then to change the underlying energy that holds that pain trapped inside you. One of the great benefits of the way she works is that the consultation time is very short.

The sessions are not like counseling, psychotherapy or other talking therapies. Estelle is extremely physically sensitive to energy fields and as you begin talking you will quickly form an overlapping energy field between your heart and hers. This shared field of energy information allows Estelle to sense when your body is really resonating with what you are saying. This awareness and sensitivity to body resonance enables Estelle to listen to what you are saying at an extremely deep level. She will receive information very quickly about which issues are the hot topics that are ready for you to heal right now.

Using body resonance and deep empathetic listening, means the real consultation is with the multiple energy body’s that form your personal energy signature and energy field. It’s a very beautiful, compassionate and natural way to identify where you are holding stuck energy and what your healing priorities are.

Transforming old and unwanted energies

The next part of the process is where the deep healing occurs. There are three main ways that Estelle will work with your energy that will make your session with her incredibly transformational:

  1. Disengaging the Fight and Flight response

This part of the process:

  • releases your body and mind from the physiological effects of your fight and flight response;
  • is deeply calming for your inner child and gives you the physical experience of safety that your senses need to return you to your natural state of confidence and well-being;
  • releases you from the grip of your fear-based reptilian mind giving you access to your heart-mind, your higher consciousness and resources and ideas from the unified field.
  1. Healing transmissions to release old patterns of energy

The second part of the process:

  • brings high vibrating, living, light intelligence into the stuck and slow-moving areas of your energy field and returns them to their natural high frequency;
  • transforms the karmic contracts that keep you tied into other people’s energy fields;
  • enables you to embody more of your true divine nature.
  1. Soul retrieval: gathering up your energy orphans

This third step is where the lost and frozen parts of your essential energy that schism out of your energy field during traumatic experiences are located and returned to your heart-field. This part of the healing:

  • reduces feelings of general anxiety and, more specifically, makes you less sensitive to situations that remind you of traumatic events that you have been storing in your subconscious mind;
  • makes more of your essential energy is available to you; increasing your energy levels and enthusiasm for life;
  • enhances your ability to connect with the wisdom stored in your body i.e. the self-healing magic and intuitive powers of your divine inner child.

The benefits of the Karmic Breakthrough

“The best work we can do to prepare for ascension is to clear our emotional traumas.” Drunvalo Melchezidek.

Transforming the deep karmic wounds caused by ancestral and past-lives trauma is the most important work a soul can accomplish at this stage in our awakening.  They are the most enduring smudges and stains on the lenses through which we perceive and create our lives and the nature of our reality.   These wounds are deeply challenging and truly test our ability to hold ourselves steady. However, once they are healed, the relief is palpable.

The seven major benefits that clients report as a result of their Karmic Breakthrough healing can be summed up as follows:

  • they have more of their essential energy available to them which means they feel more confident, more present and grounded and more in control of their lives. This means they can spend more time creating the things they are passionate about;
  • they feel more relaxed, far less burdened and much more supported by life;
  • they feel more connected to their real nature, and have greater clarity about what they do and don’t want to do in their lives;
  • they have greater levels of insight into what has been driving their behaviour and suffering. They are clearer about what they need to do to step out of repeating cycles of pain;
  • they have greater clarity about their boundaries and what is and what isn’t acceptable to them;
  • they are more able to speak their truth and better able to move away from damaging and painful relationships.
  • they have far greater clarity about their soul’s authentic purpose in life, more freedom to follow their dharmic path and greater access to the gifts that will enable them to do this.

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Free E-book: "Be Who You Came To Be"

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an amazing read!
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