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The Karmic Breakthrough in Action

Case Study 1, April 2017
Past life Karmic Contracts and vows preventing personal connection with the Divine:
a case study and testimonial with Ana Lopez.

What happened during the session

When I began the session by tuning into what Ana was telling me about her difficulty in settling in a loving relationship, I could sense that she had was holding a lot of untransformed pain from her relationship with her Dad. I asked her what her childhood experience of her Dad had been like and as she told me that it had been painful in the past and was still a source of pain to her now. As she told me about it, I became aware of a hand gripping my throat and then a strong pain in my the right hand side of the back of my neck. It was as if Ana’s inner child was showing me how at some stage in her soul’s history she had been strangled and that her neck had been broken as well.

I began to tell Ana, very gently, about what I was experiencing and explained that it felt very much like a trauma from a past life. She wasn’t at all surprised. I began to tune in and release layer after layer of traumas in which parts of Ana’s energy had schismed out of her body. I could sense a consistent set of feelings. Each time I found an orphaned part of her energy I could feel the deep despair that Ana had been living in. It was as if she was living in banishment from the rest of the world – everyone else was with other people, but Ana was locked away, somewhere dark and terrifying and very much on her own.

Then my left arm retracted into a withered limb and my hand became like a withered, hook-like claw. Whenever I experience this I know that my client has been cursed at some stage. In Ana’s case I could hear the words: “may your life be a living hell”.

I then became very aware of a huge amount of blocked energy across Ana’s brow and I asked her if she had lots of headaches – yes, she said, she had frequent migraines. I released masses of stuck energy from her upper jaw, her temples and her forehead – a classic patterning of energy when the person I am working with is very psychic and their gift has either been shut down, or they are repressing their true psychic nature because they know that what they would be able to see would terrify them.

The next band of stuck energy to become really apparent was a huge, deeply embedded crucifix across Ana’s back. I knew from the force of it that it was being held in place by multiple karmic contracts and religious vows. This energy pattern shows up in this way when people who have been powerful pagan healers, witches and psychics have been forced into accepting christianity, usually under the threat of being killed if they do not obey. I have worked with several clients who have agreed to make these vows in order to save the life, but then were killed afterwards anyway.

It seems shocking, but the person who has been deceived and killed in this way will very often then re-incarnate in a later life to a parent who was their murderer or torturer in that former lifetime. In Ana’s case it felt very much as if her father had been a catholic priest in an earlier lifetime and had behaved in exactly this way, making Ana make these contracts and vows, and then strangling her and breaking her neck. The karma created remains unresolved at the end of that lifetime and needs to be released and transformed so that both the souls involved can move on from the past and evolve. Its a challenging karmic workload, the kind chosen by old souls and highly sensitive people. Before they awaken to their real nature, the relationship with the parent with whom they have this karma can also be extremely challenging.

Karmic contracts that forbid someone from making their own direct connection with the Divine, and vows of chastity, poverty, silence and submission all separate that person from their own deep and natural connection with source energy. When a highly sensitive person (or old soul) makes these kinds of vows and / or contracts, each future life they have can feel devoid of meaning. Many lifetimes of depression and feeling half dead can result from their separation from the Divine. For this very reason, this particular kind of karmic release is always powerful and has an amazingly liberating and healing effect.

This is what Ana said after her healing session:

“This is probably the best moment of my life so far – I was living with PTSD of the soul having frequent flashbacks to moments of extreme terror. I would be shouting out in my sleep and someone would have to come in and wake me up because I would be frozen like that in my sleep. I would try to keep going but it was always like finding there was another wall and another wall and another wall. I felt like I was completely lost and just waiting to die. Now I am back. I want to live. I actually feel alive. I am now looking at and experiencing the world in a way that I always knew was possible – I just couldn’t get there. I hardly know what to say to thank you for the amazing work you are doing in the world.”

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Case Study 2, March 2017
Past life trauma preventing a soul from feeling safe to use her spiritual gifts and be in the physical world:
a case study and testimonial with Fiona Paul.

What happened during Fiona’s Karmic Breakthrough Healing retreat

Psychic art captured live during the healing retreat (portrait by Lindsay Fairbairn).

past life trauma healing captured live by psychic art by Lindsay Fairbairn

past life trauma healing captured live by psychic art by Lindsay Fairbairn

When Fiona came to me for a two week retreat, she was suffering from a lot of trauma. As we worked, it became clear that Fiona had had several past lives where she had been a woman who had been tortured because of her connection to the Divine Feminine. The presence of these traumas in her cellular memory made it very difficult for her to connect to Mother Earth.

I meet a lot of sensitive souls who, because of this type of wound, find it very difficult to feel safe in the physical world. The extent of the trauma they hold in their cellular memory (which from experience, I know includes the wounds from past lives) makes it very difficult for them to feel any trust. They struggle to trust in life, to trust in other people, and they find it extremely challenging to be present in their physical bodies. Life can very rapidly lose its meaning for sensitive people when the karma and the trauma they hold in their bodies means they can’t connect with their real nature. In order for them to feel that their life is worth while they have to embody their spiritual gifts and align with their with their soul’s highest purpose.

When working with sensitive people with multiple traumas from past lives in which they have had a strong connection with the Divine, their healing always begins when their inner being really believes they are safe again. And it takes a very special energetic environment for that to happen, one in which they feel totally safe and totally confident. They have to believe at the level of their body’s deepest knowing that if they are brave enough to access the memory of whatever experience it was that left them so highly traumatised, sufficient light will be present for them to ensure that the information held in their wound will be totally transformed. In the right energetic environment, the part of their cellular structure that held the disturbing memory can be re-programmed with entirely new information, i.e. reconnected to the high vibrating energy of the source field. Then, when the limitations created by the energy of their old wounds is released, they can become a vibrational match to better outcomes in their lives.

Because of her strong past life connection with the Divine Feminine, I knew that it was really important to help Fiona reconnect to Mother Earth. I knew also that we would have to carry out multiple layers of soul retrieval in order to gather up the parts of her energy that had schismed out of her energy field when she had been tortured and frightened our of her wits, both in this life and in the past. What I didn’t know was that in the second week of her retreat, Fiona would walk in with two medicine chests of her own. As a trained expert in zoo pharmacology and essential oils, Fiona had a vast selection of healing herbs and essential oils at her disposal. And so we decided to invite some of the healing spirits of the plants to join in with our healing sessions – what better way to connect to the earth?

The portrait above shows what happened to Fiona’s inner being when she held some dandelion root powder under her tongue. Very quickly, Fiona began accessing a traumatic memory that had been preventing her from feeling safe connecting into the earth through her root chakra. She raised her hands and arms either side of her body as if she were trying to hold something or someone away from her body. She said she felt a burning sensation, particularly in her arms and it felt like the veins on one side of her face were very near the surface of her skin. We explored the memory further and were able to uncover and heal a past life where Fiona had been burned as a witch.

What Fiona said about her retreat
“Lindsay’s psychic art is truly amazing; his art can actually be energetically worked with. His art reveals your spirit guides and also what energies have been seen or transformed in your energy field. To work with Estelle – a naturally gifted and truly amazing healer who can explore the entire history of your soul, find all you traumas and transform them AND then have Lindsay capture what was happening with his art, it just takes past life and ancestral healing to a whole new level. I was excited, delighted, and really truly deeply healed.”
Fiona Paul Dip CAPBT IAZ

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