Here are some of the comments Estelle has received from clients after they have had a Karmic Breakthrough session or a retreat with her:

“More healing than I ever thought was possible.”

A-MA-ZING!! I don’t have the words to describe our work together. I feel clearer, more centred and happier then ever before. And my own work has become more powerful as a result. I look forward to our continuing journey together.

PS: If you are considering working with Estelle, dont hesitate. You will not be disappointed. Far from it. I have already received far more healing than I ever thought was possible.

Alan Dolan, The Breath Guru

“A momentous block has definitely been removed.”

“After all the emotional, physical and mental investment I put into self healing and endless therapies that only really touched the surface, it was so great to finally get something back that was not only quick and painless but life changing in a deep and lasting way. It’s hard to describe what the shift is but I know it is significant and has enabled me to want to get out of bed in the morning. I am feeling very much lighter and happier in myself. Even my lovely Japanese Masseuse said my body felt a lot happier!

I notice also that I feel less angry and more tolerant of people and situations and even more importantly my experience of pleasure has increased i.e my massage was the best I have had and she seemed to attend to all the bits that required attention without my asking. For me to leave feeling satisfied is a rare thing from anything!! Swimming is a joy where previously it felt like a huge effort. Even cooking has become a pleasure.

Seems like you have worked your magic on me sweet lady and I am excited to see what happens next as a momentous block has definitely been removed.”

Rachel Perry (July 2017)

Read Rachel’s case study


“Life is coming back to the body’s inner forest, and the habitat of my soul.”

Thank you for your time and huge work last night. I woke up feeling like some part of me had gently returned again. I don’t know how to describe it, but my body feels calmer, more spacious. Like a damn built by something other than me has been quietly dismantled and the water has returned…life is coming back to the body’s inner forest, and the habitat of my soul. I feel more settled into myself than I have for a long while, but what I love about it is i just adjust and ‘become’ rather than having to try to concentrate on applying what I’ve learned and consciously change. Its hard to describe the effects from a logical perspective – I’m just very happy to forget the realisation of how bad I was feeling.

Pippa Hopkins (June 2017)


“I thoroughly enjoyed every minute despite the often dark nature of the topic at hand!!!”

What a pleasure and privilege it was to meet and spend time on retreat with you last week. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute despite the often dark nature of the topic at hand!!! That’s definitely a testament to your skill at dealing with such matters in the compassionate, gentle but fun way that you do. I found it really easy to open up to you. It wasn’t even an issue, even though we were discussing the worst and most scary things that had ever happened to me. You were warm, compassionate and gentle and I felt very calm discussing what could have seemed pretty freaky. I feel like years of weight and worrying have been lifted from me and so much more peaceful. Thank you!

Eve Hayes (June 2017)


“I no longer feel like I am constantly living in fear. Estelle has truly saved my life and for the first time in my entire life, I feel extremely hopeful about my future.”

When I look back at where I started with Estelle in December 2014 to now, the journey has been life changing. I am not someone who feels instant change, but subtle, yet powerful changes happened over the following months from the work Estelle has done with me. I have gone from being hugely depressed, fearful, over analytical, obsessed with other males and living in my own fantasy world, to someone who is now able to go out into society and build healthy relationships with other men, without the paralysing feeling of being ridiculed. I am so much more present in life and feel more like the 28 year old that I am, instead of feeling like an emotionally stuck teenager that doesn’t belong on this planet. My obsession with masculinity has also gradually but significantly weakened over time. Sometimes the habitual pathway begins to trigger again, but it doesn’t control me anymore. I no longer feel like I am constantly living in fear, but instead have a lot more peace with myself in my body. Estelle has truly saved my life and for the first time in my entire life I feel extremely hopeful about my future. I have another daughter on the way and both of them will have benefited immensly from the energy work I have done, which is a blessing for them!

I would highly recommend Estelle to anyone. If you feel hopeless or stuck with your life for reasons you cannot find with your rational mind, having a session with Estelle is the best thing you can do. You won’t find a deeper healing anywhere. Estelle is truly gifted and what I love most is she is able to relate to how you feel, having been through her own journey. Her knowledge of how the different energy bodies work is unmatched. It is truly the best thing you could do for yourself and your loved ones. Thanks Estelle!

Daniel Smart, New Zealand. May 2017


“I actually feel alive.”

“This is probably the best moment of my life so far – I was living with PTSD of the soul having frequent flashbacks to moments of extreme terror. I would be shouting out in my sleep and someone would have to come in and wake me up because I would be frozen like that in my sleep. I would try to keep going but it was always like finding there was another wall and another wall and another wall. I felt like I was completely lost and just waiting to die. Now I am back. I want to live. I actually feel alive. I am now looking at and experiencing the world in a way that I always knew was possible – I just couldn’t get there. I hardly know what to say to thank you, Estelle, for the amazing work you are doing in the world.”

Ana Lopez, April 2017


“I can feel a very tangible difference”

“I came to Estelle as I felt a calling to step into my soul’s higher purpose and align fully with my gifts but felt that there was something holding me back that I couldn’t quite shake on my own. Estelle was able to seek out and remove these blocks and has given me the tools to continue to remain aligned with my goals. The processes that she has given me are working so well it’s brilliant 🙂 She was also brilliant to work with: very knowledgeable, warm and powerful with her work. I can feel a very tangible difference since having gone on her retreat and the continued support has been great too. I would thoroughly recommend Estelle to anyone looking for an amazing clearance.”

Felicity Denham, April 2017


“What has happened over the weeks has been nothing short of a miracle”

3 months ago I felt I couldn’t go on much longer.  i was desperate emotionally , energetically, and spiritually and wounded from several traumatic incidents which I felt would stain my life for ever. . Having tried countless therapies which provided only transient relief, i felt stuck and beaten. In one last bid for hope and despite dreading another failure I came across Estelle and started working with her remotely.  What has happened over the weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. In an entirely painless, gentle and tender set of encounters with this gifted lady my life has gone from one of struggling with deep set fear to one of lightness, fun and love.  i don’t remember when or if I have ever described myself as a happy person in the past, but I sure am one now. Having spent all my life feeling held back I now have momentum. This stuff is truly amazing. I feel freed from negative influences of the past and my old patterns have been lifted. I completely recommend this work .

Notably, I hadn’t had anything like what I’d call a healthy relationship with a man for decades and fully expected I would live a single life.  Around my 3rd session with estelle  I met someone who is utterly gorgeous and things are looking extremely promising. Its like living in a parallel, but better, universe. Everything looks the same, but it feels fantastic.

Janet Dryden, Nov 2016


“I feel totally rejuvenated from the crushed man whose head was about to explode to a happy go lucky guy.”

Recently divorced, years of mild depression, with a feeling my head was going to explode, several negative/ bad habits and then I found Estelle, what a touch! One retreat later and I was dancing and singing like never before, my head feels normal and I am smiling. I don’t really recall much of the Saturday now but I must have been ecstatic to ask estelle for a hug at the end of the day! I had told her things that no other living soul knows about. Sunday was amazing, clearing present life issues, past life issues, helping my sister & ex-wife with traumas, the finale was a trip back to my parents house and a trip to my future house so as to make my present home feel like a real home. Well lets just say we went on a shamanic journey, I saw things in the future I never expected and to see with such clarity!

Over the weekend I learnt so much about myself, put to bed some major issues, both in this life time and past lifetimes. The layers Estelle scraped off my third eye – the whole chakra came to light. I felt that I could close my eyes and still drive – such was the clarity. It was like it was the first time I had ever seen through my eyes – such vision.

I feel totally rejuvenated from the crushed man whose head was about to explode to a happy go lucky guy. Absolutely amazing two days, a journey I wish to continue.
I booked two sessions over the weekend with Estelle,

Everything estelle claims on her web page and more she can deliver, no doubt about it. And the icing on the cake, it was all done with with such love/ care & humour, it was fun, soothing and worth every penny. (There were a few tears too, I have to admit!)

Andy House


“I cannot describe the utter joy I now feel now that this has been released.”

I found Estelle quite by chance. I was wanting to look into my past lives after reading a book about it. I have done inner child work already over 25 years ago but I was still caught up in what was like Groundhog Day with some aspects of my life where the same things would happen over and over again.

I had health problems and I couldn’t raise my vibrations for more than a few days without being back down. I knew something wasn’t right as I had done so much work on myself over the years. I was also in a relationship, well an on off one for 25 years and we couldn’t seem to end it. Even though it was awful.

We were always drawn back together. It wasn’t good. After taking to Estelle I realised what needed to be done. Estelle said that my partner and I had made a vow of undying love in one life and that’s why we are always together. I knew that this had to be removed and during my session with Estelle it was.

I cannot describe the utter joy I now feel now that this has been released. The understanding of it and the unconditional love I now feel for this man. As for my journey. Going back to some of my past lives has opened up a whole new world for me.

One of wonder, joy and excitement. I have clarity and I see the world with new eyes. I feel nurtured and loved. The universe supports me. Everything is good. Thank you Estelle. You are a treasure to the world.

Joanne Smallwood  (Oct 2016)


“Everyday I have found myself lighter, less tired, having energy…”(August 2016)

Thank you so very much for my recent time with you at the beautiful retreat in San Creed, Cornwall. I had my prayers answered when I met you! My life has had a deep emptiness with long bouts of depression within it and it has taken many many years of soul searching to understand why I have felt like this. They say knowledge is power but in my case I had a lot of knowledge but nowhere could I find the RIGHT person to work with. For me healing needs to be with someone who has experienced the pain themselves. How can we open ourselves up to someone who’s just text book learnt and never felt that soul destroying pain themselves. This is where you, Estelle, are unique. Your empathic understanding and the sheer knowledge that you yourself have gained through lived experience and the things you have come out the other side of is just healing within itself. I spent 3 days with you and it was such a beautiful experience, one-on-one time spent in complete honest relating and opening up to the pains of the past in such a safe environment . This, I’d been searching for for years. Just to be understood and acknowledged on the deepest level was so lifting . Then to work with you in your unique way of clearing the debris of the past: words just can’t explain that experience for me. Healing is so so subtle, everyday I have found myself lighter, less tired, having energy for the little things that seemed so huge. That heavy heavy cloud has disbanded. You truly have such a unique gift and it’s been an absolute blessing Estelle to meet you and work with you and I will continue to do so . I feel like I have found my true soul healer … Much love Michaela xxx

Michaela Swift

“I have so much gratitude for the healing and also meeting and connecting with you.” (March 2016)

Dear Estelle,
Thank you for the journey you took me on. Thank you for your love, time and energy. An incredible experience that I cannot put into words. I know that something has shifted in me, opened up in me, it feels powerful and also really natural. I have so much gratitude for the healing and also meeting and connecting with you. I would love to work with you again in the future.

Sarah Tilby, Brighton

“I feel I have finally met the ONE :-)” (January 2016)

Hi Estelle,
Just wanted to thank you again for one of the most powerful healing sessions I’ve ever experienced. I feel I have finally met the ONE The one who can really assist me to step into my fully empowered self. I want to continue working with you monthly to continue clearing what needs to be cleared. Wow. Feeling light, exhausted, grateful and yummy all rolled into one.
Thank you so much for all you’ve done, for all you’ve come through, your work, your essence, who you are!!!
Huge love.

Louisa Patterson, Kinesiologist, advanced Theta Healer, Bushflower and EFT practitioner, UK

”I found it so easy to “work with” you / trust you to aid my healing process” (January 2016)

Hello Estelle.
My session with you was one of the most powerful and life-changing events I’ve experienced and I can feel that my body / energy is still adjusting but I feel amazing. I’ve been sleeping so well which is highly unusual for this night owl! It was really good to meet you and I found it so easy to “work with” you / trust you to aid my healing process. I would like to see you again to go even deeper.
Elizabeth Sweetman, Frome, Somerset

“I felt overjoyed at the insights I had gained.” (December 2015)

Dear Estelle, immediately after my last session with you I felt overjoyed at the insights I had gained. It felt as though all the potential that healing offers was present with me at that moment Firstly, upon waking on Friday 8th Jan a feeling of deep gratitude suffused me:
– for being seen and heard so truly in your presence;
– for your selfless healing devotion to me and to all beings;
– for my sense of relief and my compassion for the me who has felt so deeply disempowered for much of this life.
To have precious insight into why I lived in choiceless servitude to my mother and others in this life, is a true gift.

Maria H, Somerset, UK

“It was like having Christmas several times all at once.” (September 2015)

Hello my lovely, just wanted to let you know how we are getting on. …… My husband Steve is lighter after his session. He is softer, more vulnerable and feels balanced which is fantastic!!!! I am still feeling washed out but calmer, hopeful and content. Sleep is bliss and I wake up alert. My breathing feels good. I received so much help and so many answers, it was like having Christmas several times all at once. All is well xxxxx

Rachel Bent, Surrey, UK

“Insights and guidance delivered with compassion and grace.” (September 2015)

I received a session with Estelle, I really appreciated Estelle’s insights and guidance, which she delivered with compassion and grace. Her guidance shed new light, bought clarity and at the same time gave me practical steps so i could apply it easily in day to day life. I am very grateful to have met and connected and shared with you Estelle!

Malaika Vera, USA

“Like tasting air for the first time!” (August 2015)

Estelle, I just wanted to write and thank you for the most amazing treatment on Friday. The most noticeable change is how quiet and peaceful my head is, there is a real stillness that I have never experienced, even breathing is such a joy and like tasting air for the first time.

It would be great to do another treatment with you in the future so if you do have a mailing list or ever run courses etc please do let me know.

Claire, West Midlands, UK

“Estelle has an incredible gift” (July 2015)

Estelle is a warm, grounded, open-hearted lady with an endearing sense of humour. Our first contact was by phone and I immediately felt at ease in her presence. She has an incredible gift which she uses with humility. I feel truly blessed to have had her walk beside me on my journey.

Jacqueline Clark, Glastonbury, UK

“It definitely feels like I have had an energetic spring clean!” (June 2015)

Hi Estelle, thank you for the session on Tuesday. It definitely feels like I have had an energetic spring clean! It was noticeable immediately. In fact while you were clearing things it felt like a rope was being pulled up from my core & clearing me out. It was very surreal to see you experiencing what I was feeling, like a mirror but on the inside, so amazing.

I am feeling much more grounded now and the technique you gave me is very helpful, especially the part about sending things back down to the earth. I can feel energy moving below the waist much more deeply than before. I didn’t realise quite how blocked that area was until you cleared it! (if that makes sense). I’m so pleased I came, you were definitely the right person to see and I will certainly be in contact to book another session in the future. Thank you so much!

Jay, UK

“I want to shout from the roof tops and tell the whole world how brilliant your work is and how happy it has made me.” (May 2015)

“Dear Estelle,
thank you so much for helping me to adjust and shift the blocks that were preventing me from finding my soul mate.

I felt for a long time that I myself was standing in the way of finding the right person to spend my life with. I tried several routes to change and none were successful. I knew I had to get out of my own way, I was the problem, but couldn’t work out why or how to change.

Then miraculously, you came along and helped me to firstly identify the blockages. During the process, I felt so calm and I can usually be a bit defensive about this subject but the way you managed the process made me feel safe and protected and loved. You then helped me dissolve the blocks one by one. I thought the process was so interesting, it felt like although I was a bit tired after the session and nothing seemed to change at first … over the next few days, gently and persistently I started to make small meaningful changes that I recognise now, led me to meet Mr Right.

I want to shout from the roof tops and tell the whole world how brilliant your work is and how happy it has made me. After a lifetime (I’m 43) of knowing that something was out of place, or something was not right…and trying unsuccessfully, all different routes / therapies and therapists, to find a cure, I am finally with the right person and it feels epic. I’m also really looking forward to our future work together on dissolving any financial blocks that prevent me from financial prosperity.”

Katherine McAdam, Director of Brand Magic

Exceptional! (May 2015)

“Thank you once again for all your help. I think that you are an exceptional woman”

Christine Hassal, 5 day retreat client from the UK

“Things are really turning around for me” (May 2015)

“Hi Beautiful Estelle just want to say a big Thank you for all the work you have done for me. I just feel things are really turning around for me: the Seminars are taking off work is starting to flow in and, most importantly, I have peace and happiness in my heart. Thank you so much!”

Georgia Gaylard, Melbourne, Australia

“I’ll never forget how important you were in kickstarting my new life journey” (April 2015)

“Hi Estelle. Thank you so much. I feel great. I genuinely feel like my “new chapter” finally started last week. After our session I drove across Exmoor, into North Devon, which was amazing. It really was incredible. If you’ve read the Celestine prophecy it describes landscapes as looking luminous, that was exactly how it was with the sun bathing everything in golden light. Rolling hills for miles, driving through ancient forest…magical. I drove back home feeling very relaxed and full of excitement for the future.
Since then I saw my ex partner for the first time. It was really lovely to see her and particularly to be able to speak openly without fear of causing offence. There was a very obvious change in our dynamic – less buzzy. It was like talking to anyone else, there wasn’t the constant tug towards her that I used to feel, which was a big relief.

Other things have been happening too. I have a date. We’re both very excited about it. I’ve also had a meeting about my new job, lots of things to be excited about! Oh, and I was offered a place on a Mindspan course for hardly any cost while on my adventure…crazy times.

So thank you for your help, guidance, and vibrant positivity. I’ll never forget how important you were in kickstarting my new life journey and I recommend your services to everybody.”

Steve B, UK

“The most enlightening, fascinating, empowering and special two hours of my spiritual journey” (April 2015)

“Being fairly near to the conscious beginning of my spiritual journey I was still finding it confusing as to who to turn to for help along the way. I knew I needed to go and meet Estelle but didn’t really know why, therefore I kept putting it off. I can only assume that there was a reason, unknown to me, for this. I finally got round to putting the appointment in place and I can confirm it was the most enlightening, fascinating, empowering and special two hours of my spiritual journey.

Estelle is a joy to be with, and explains in detail what is likely to happen during your healing session with her. I am sure every healing is different so I won’t go in to detail about what happened during mine, apart from saying that I felt completely safe, calm and knew that I was being beautifully looked after.

The healing is ongoing and I’m still noticing the effects every day. I feel infinitely more at ease with myself and more confident on my journey. I am looking forward to seeing Estelle again when the time is right for me to continue further along my spiritual path.”

Sheree Hall, UK

“Hugely grateful” (February 2015)

“Wow, what can I say, what a session.   I left feeling blown away.  I can’t begin to thank you enough, I just feel hugely grateful to whatever work is going on around me and I know you helped to orchestrate that.

On the even bigger plus side I am sleeping so much better and I am loving my meditation.  Thank you, thank you.  Much love.”

Ruth Pretty, UK

“An unforgettable experience”

“My healing session was something outstanding! I received not only healing but explanations as to why I feel and live that way. I continue telling people about my unforgettable experience. Estelle just makes wonders! I dream to come some day to Glastonbury to take one more session with her to work on my mother’s ancestral line.”

Svitlana Polyakova, Ukraine.

“A precious learning experience”

“Estelle’s approach to healing is totally unique.  I had seen many healers before Estelle, but none of them was able to help me. Estelle’s method really works!!  It is so wonderful to be totally free of the negative energies and blocks that I had carried for many years.   Estelle has a lot of light within her. The healing sessions were also a precious learning experience for me. Thank you so much Estelle I’m endlessly grateful!!!”

Irina L. Buckinghamshire, UK

“Truly extraordinary”

“I just wanted to say what an amazing session it was.  I had no expectations just an inner knowing that connecting with Estelle was the right thing to do.  The energy shift was palpable.  I feel more settled, centered and connected than I have ever felt and a deep inner peace.  Thank you Estelle, I feel that you and your work are truly extraordinary.”

Irene B, Northamptonshire, UK


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