The spiritual aftermath of miscarriages, still births and terminations

The spiritual aftermath of miscarriages, still births and terminations

Having a miscarriage, a still birth or a termination always creates a deep sadness in a woman’s life. It takes some people years to come to terms with the loss and the tumult of emotions created by each of these highly significant life events.

a trauma vortex created by three miscarriages

a trauma vortex created by three miscarriages

Many of the clients I work with also tell me that their life changed very much for the worse after having a miscarriage, a still birth or a termination. And although in today’s very rationally minded society, it is very rarely spoken about, I believe that there are very significant spiritual and energetic reasons why that is so.

In my retreats and when I am guiding clients through my Skype or telephone healing packages, I always ask (if the client is female) whether they have ever had a miscarriage, a still birth or a termination themselves. And for male and female clients alike, I also ask if there has been any history of these very sad losses in their family. Very often when someone cannot quite pinpoint the source of their difficulties in life, but they know they are struggling in a way that doesn’t make any rational sense, the answer to my question is yes. And if their life experience is a real uphill struggle, I often discover that in their family history there have been multiple cases of children being lost through miscarriages, through still births or through terminations.

Why is this the case? The answer lies in the emotional and spiritual state that the souls of these lost children are left in having been through an experience in which they came into physical form inside their mother’s womb, but then either passed away before they emerged fully into the physical world, or passed away very quickly after their birth. In my experience of connecting to the souls of these children, I am totally convinced that this experience leaves these souls in:

• a high state of trauma;
• a deep state of confusion;
• stranded in between the physical and spiritual worlds.

In their trauma and confusion, these souls sometimes seem to retain strong ties to their mother. It is almost as if these tiny young spirits observe how people around them behave towards the people they love, i.e. embracing them, and then copy it. That is to say they cling to their mother’s physical energy body, and they hold on tight. Another way to describe it is that the tiny baby wants to be with their mother for longer. And very often, a mother who has just lost a child through a miscarriage, a termination or a still birth, also wants to have more contact with the soul of their child. Although they are separated physically, at a deeper level, their emotions mean that a full energetic and spiritual separation is not yet possible. Very often the mother’s grief and / or guilt is another form of low vibrating energetic glue that keeps the spiritual and energetic bond between mother and child in place.

Why a child’s soul doesn’t successfully complete its journey back to the light realms
Whatever the reason for the child’s soul not successfully completing its journey back to the light realms, the effect on the mother’s energy field is the same: the mother’s vibration is significantly lowered by having the extra trauma vortex of their deceased child’s soul attached to them. And, very sadly, like attracts like. The net result is that the mother can find herself attracting more traumatic experiences and more undesirable, low-vibrating outcomes into her life and the distortion created by the trauma vortex also attracts in many other kinds of negative energies.

The trauma vortex attached to one mother who I worked with to help release the souls of three miscarried babies was drawn by psychic artist, Lindsay Fairbairn and is shown in the picture above. As you can see, there is a profound level of disturbance in this mother’s energy field. The particular mother, not surprisingly, was finding it very difficult to connect to a sense of well being and was experiencing set backs and failures in every area of her life. As a talented, intelligent and spiritually aware person, it just didn’t make any rational sense.

In other cultures, and in our own culture, in days gone by, there would have been a ceremony or rite of passage in which the spiritual and energetic consequences of still births and miscarriages were dealt with. In our society, they are, in the vast majority of cases, completely ignored.

How I reconnect these souls with source energy
Returning the confused, traumatised souls of these babies to the light realms is a massive part of my work. It is one of the most vigorous and powerful releases that I am ever called upon to perform because I have to set up a vertical axis that energetically connects the physical world with the spirit world. But its also the most subtle and tender work that I do. The connection with the feelings and wishes of these stranded souls is palpable and many wish to help clear huge amounts of trauma from the ancestral lines of the families that they are connected with before they return to source energy. And in so doing they create massive opportunities in the shared family spiritual space – opportunities for significant and much needed vibrational shifts, release from lower forms of consciousness, dark imprints and many other kinds of negative energies.

One of the instant results of this work is the amazing calm that the mother will feel after the releases. A darkness and a turbulence is lifted from them. And as the days following the release go by, they notice that they are no longer magnetically attracting unfortunate occurrences in their lives. They also report being able to begin believing that good things can happen to them again.

In the words of one client: “I have spent years and had sessions with many healers searching to find an answer and trying to shift this deep dark presence around me and inside of me. To be free of it and not feel it there after this session with Estelle is just amazing. For the first time in many many years, I feel connected and calm.”

If you would like to know more about the Karmic Breakthrough and the work I do, watch the videos on my Karmic Breakthrough page and get in touch.

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