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The Crystal Deity “Ultimate Intuitive You” retreat


Release the No1 block to connecting with your purpose and gifts

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What is the Crystal Deity “Ultimate Intuitive You” retreat?
This is a specialist healing retreat that gives you deeper and more powerful access to your own ultimate resource: your connection with your true divine nature. Our level of connection with our divine nature determines:

our abundance;
our levels of energy and our stamina;
our sex drive and our passion for life;
our ability to access and use our talents, especially our healing and intuitive gifts;
our productivity;
our level of presence and therefore the respect we command;
our access to inspiration;
our problem-solving abilities;
our ability to master our anxiety and perform at peak levels even when under pressure;
our ability to be compassionate to ourselves and others.

Who can benefit from this retreat?
The Ultimate Intuitive You retreat is designed for workshop leaders, coaches, luminaries, healers and all heart-centered entrepreneurs. The retreat provides you with deep energetic resourcing so that you can perform at your highest potential. And, so that you can continue to build upon what you learn in the retreat, I will also teach you a set of powerful techniques to keep your connection with pure source energy in prime condition when you return to your everyday life.

This retreat is perfect for you because you:
a) want to gain the skills and confidence that will empower you to reach out into the unknown and attract new and target audiences;
b) want to honour and confidently serve the growing number of clients who are undergoing a rapid acceleration in consciousness;
c) want to learn new tools that enable you to dig deeper into your genius zone so the transformation your clients experience is unmatched in your field;
d) want to break through a plateau or ceiling that is preventing you from growing your business;
e) want to release deep and hitherto inaccessible blocks that are preventing you from bringing your ultimate healing and / or intuitive gifts to the world;
f) increase your productivity and resilience by learning how to protect, heal nourish and resource your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies;
g) increase your stamina and energy levels by learning how to command your energy space and bounce back quickly from a wide range of challenging situations and clients;

In order to serve others more effectively you need greater access to your own unique skills. And the best way to fine hone and develop your skills is by becoming more deeply connected with who you really are.

Taking your skills and presence to a new level
In most people a huge amount of their essential energy is inaccessible to them. It is locked away in old wounds or blocked from expressing itself by out-dated beliefs and hidden subconscious programming. If you want to heal, motivate, transform or inspire another human being, there is no substitute for your presence. To take your skills to a new level, you need more of your energy and divine presence available to you in the here and now.

Whether the work involves helping you to retrieve parts of your energy that are still frozen in childhood trauma or whether your blocks are rooted in past life experiences or beliefs in your ancestral lines, this retreat will enable you to embody and use more of your real essence. You will emerge from your time with me as the most deeply connected and empowered version of yourself that you have ever experienced or known.

Gain clarity on your life purpose
The retreat is also perfect for coaches and healers who have reached a plateau or standstill in growing their business. This retreat uncovers the next phase of the work that your soul has come to complete – and removes any karmic knots, blocks and locks that stand in the way of you achieving it.

What is holding you back?
Whether we are fully aware of it at the conscious level or not, many heart-centred entrepreneurs are limited in one or more of the following ways:

You get great results and would like to work with more clients, BUT you feel very tired after your sessions. You worry that you could not sustain a larger workload;

You get great results and would like to work with more clients, BUT your confidence never seems to match your results. Expanding your business would also mean adding to this anxiety.

You want to put your ideas “out there”, BUT, for some unknown reason, you fear exposure and / or the increased amount of engagement with other people this will create.

What are the root causes of some of these limitations?
There are many reasons why people with healing and intuitive gifts can find it difficult to expand and develop their work. The reasons include:

empathic exhaustion caused by taking on your clients’ heavy emotions and low-vibrating energies;

ancestral programming that strongly enforces a rational mindset and does not permit you to use the intuitive and feminine side of your brain, or to honour any results you achieve through this means;

fear of how powerful you would be if you learned who you really are, or a cellular memory of guilt because of a misuse of power.

Why this retreat offers such massive potential for breakthroughs
In this retreat I will use my training as a Forensic Healer, and the skills I have developed working with hundreds of clients to find the real root cause of what is stopping you from moving forward.

I will also use my totally unique and proven karmic breakthrough system, to guide you through this otherwise complex and confusing territory of embodying who you really are. Using the healing blueprint provided by The Crystal Deities, and my ability to identify and transform stuck energies, this system delivers extraordinary levels of transformation. And because of its unusual reach and power (across past lives, your present life from the moment of your conception, and your ancestral lines), it delivers these results extraordinarily fast.

In my view, your karma is the sum of the wounds and blocks that your soul is yet to transform. It is anything that stops your authentic energy, the part of you that is permanently connected to your divine essence, from being embodied and expressing itself. These wounds can stay hidden deep in your subconscious and elude your conscious mind for lifetimes. However, using the Karmic Breakthrough system, we will identify, access and transform the 10 most limiting blocks that are currently blocking your path. The work is carried out on a totally individual level, so these blocks will be personal to you and your soul’s journey. I will also show you how to continue this process of transformation when you arrive back home.

Personal Recommendation from Marisa Russo, Creator of Forensic Healing
“Estelle was absolutely incredible. She’s a facilitator; she’s a medium and she’s a channel. Estelle is the most incredible student, or person, or healer that I’ve ever met. I’m grateful for her contribution to help the whole class transform. Her insights were amazing. I think she is brilliant. There’s definitely a soul connection and I love you Estelle. Blessings!”

(After Estelle attended the Advanced Forensic Healing Training in Melbourne, Australia)

How to uncover the Ultimate Intuitive You
Each retreat package is tailored to suit your individual needs. The following are examples of the Crystal Deity Healing Energies I work with to enhance your connection to the amazing resources you have inside you:

1. The Pan Unicorn
This blockbuster healing energy safely and powerfully releases and dissolves religious programming. Vows of silence, vows of chastity and poverty are classic blocks from our past lives and our ancestral lines that prevent us from connecting directly to the Divine. Glued in place by hidden feelings of guilt, shame and low self-esteem, these layers of programming prevent us from being who we really are. The heavy, low-vibrating energies of these emotions limit the amount of living life force we can have flowing through our cells. Releasing these old stuck energies allows the Ultimate You to shine.

2. Mother of the Void / Father Time
This synergistic pair of energies bring great balance to the feminine and masculine halves of our mind. Centuries of over-reliance on our rational, masculine minds have left us fearing or doubting the legitimacy of knowledge gained through the feminine, intuitive side of our minds. Reconnecting to the earth mother, and the divine feminine essence at the centre of the universe (often called the Mother of the Dao) addresses this imbalance by giving us access to our heart-mind. Using the finest, most subtle healing chi, we can release and dissolve outdated attitudes. By granting ourselves permission to use our intuitive gifts and by learning techniques that value and use both the left and right brains, we heal the masculine / feminine divide.

3. The Shaman Medicine Woman
This healing transmission helps those parts of our soul that have schismed out of our heart fields at times of high trauma to return to our heart field. This makes us less hyper-vigilant and also increases our ability to trust in life. This kind of healing is unparalleled in allowing us to be more present and in transforming unhelpful, exhausting, hyper-sensitivity into embodied intuitive and healing gifts. A core function of this transmission is in resetting the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal gland axis – the glands that govern the body’s fight and flight response. Working with this energy takes the strain off your adrenal glands, and increases your stamina for coaching, performing, healing and creative work. It is deeply anchoring and grounding and increases your capacity for holding others. This makes it ideal for you if you wish to increase the number, or expand the type, of clients you want to work with.

4. Karma Healer
As a heart-centered entrepreneur, you are a giver by definition. Many givers are past masters at depleting rather than nurturing themselves. The process I will teach you for working with this energy will enable you to recover from experiences in life that have left your batteries depleted. By healing old karmic wounds, you will liberate more of your essential energy which means you will be able to bounce back more rapidly from taxing situations and demanding clients. And with less of your energy locked away in your pain body, and more of the real you available, you will be able to make more pro-active decisions and be able to follow through with your actions.

5. Witch no witch
If increasing your confidence in dealing with a new, or a wider range of clients, this healing transmission is a game-changer. It increases our ability to trust that we will receive answers and solutions when we reach into the unknown. Great intuitive work requires us to expand our horizons and to go, further than ever before, beyond the limits of what we perceive through our conscious minds. This energy facilitates that process and greatly enhances your problem solving, and solution finding abilities.

6. The Faerie Horse Rider
This healing energy is all about resilience and helping you regain your ability to bounce back after life’s difficulties. It also facilitates a strong connection to high-speed light intelligence, which means it is perfect for people who wish to increase their access to new ideas, their creativity and their intuition. This is a very high speed, high vibrating energy, excellent for transforming old tears and sad memories into high energy laughter. Faerie energy can be very warrior-like and it is therefore useful in transforming past memories of where we have been disempowered.

Retreat Bonuses
The first bonus of this one-to-one retreat is the huge amount of direct exposure you will receive to the actual crystals that each of the Crystal Deities were photographed in. I will bring the whole family of crystals to each of our sessions.

Much of what we transform during the retreat will need to be anchored into your day-to-day life. New ways of thinking about and valuing yourself, need to be practiced so that new neural pathways can form to replace the ones you have used for so long. With this in mind, I have designed the following bonuses for you to use after the retreat:

recordings of each of your Crystal Deity healing transmissions;
full notes on the healing purpose of each of the Crystal Deities we work with;
recordings of the key energy transformation processes I teach you during the retreat.

There will also be an opportunity to continue working with me after the retreat so that you continue to embody even more of the Ultimate You when you arrive back home.

I am currently working on further information about the pricing of this retreat, and on options for accommodation. The retreats will take place from March onwards, and if you are interested in learning more, or booking a place, please do contact me:
by email:


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