Break through blocks to rewarding relationships


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Break through to rewarding relationships
New for Spring 2016!
Available as a one to one retreat or as a one to one healing package

Have you ever felt like whatever you try to do, your relationships always follow the same unfulfilling patterns? If so, it could be that you are suffering from a karmic hang over. Often while we are doing our best to soldier on through life, we assume that we are free to make good choices for ourselves. However, repeating patterns of behaviour and an inability to manifest the close relationships you desire, often reveal that it is your sub-conscious mind and your ancestors’ unresolved trauma and wounds that are actually calling the shots in your life.

This is particularly true if your relationship with one, or both, of your parents has been difficult, unpredictable or even abusive. When early life experiences leave you feeling under valued, unloved and unsafe, you need help to re-pattern the energetic templates this creates in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of your energy field.

The Break Through To Rewarding Relationships package
This package is the vehicle I have created to transform these old, limiting templates. But it also goes much deeper than that. The work we will engage in will also release you from the influence and hold of negative energies, curses, entities and all manner of unwelcome karmic clutter. It reaches deep into your family spiritual space and as far back along your ancestral lines as you need to go to be free.

In this intensive, fully supported three session healing package, we harness the power of the Karmic Breakthrough to really get to the root of what is bothering you. The package is ideally tailored to those souls who have chosen a heavy karmic workload to come and transform. The sessions are designed specifically to release you from the ancestral energies that stop you moving forward in life and from enjoying rewarding relationships. We also focus particularly on re-patterning ancestral blocks to permission so that you are free to open your heart to the kind of relationships you have always desired.

How is this package delivered?
Although this package of healing sessions was initially designed for sessions via phone or Skype, it is now also available as a three day healing retreat in magical Cornwall or Glastonbury.

Book a free 15 minute consultation to find out more, or call me on 07539 780107

Package Details – what is included:

You receive

* 4 Karmic Breakthrough healing sessions
(each session lasts 90 mins, and will be received either during your 2 or 3 day retreat, or over four weekly calls if you are contacting me via Skype or phone)

The focus of these sessions will be on releasing and healing cellular memories of trauma from your ancestral lines. The sessions will also focus on increasing the permission levels you have to:

a) feel happy and connected to a sense of genuine well-being in life;
b) use and develop your intuitive / psychic gifts;
c) step into your unique life purpose and personal power.

The following additional support is provided each week for the two weeks following your retreat, or each week for the duration of your four week Skype or telephone healing package:

* unlimited email support when you need extra questions answered (my aim is to respond within 24 hours whenever possible).

* 2 times 10 min “Something has cropped up and I need your help” laser coaching sessions (delivered via telephone)

* 2 times 10 min remote energetic holding sessions – text or email me and I will send you distance energy healing to rebalance your energy system.

Special Deliverables

* a copy of my new book: Be Who You Came To Be: How to connect with your Soul’s True Wisdom to find your Purpose Gifts and Power – this contains more than 100 pages of helpful, practical advice and healing processes I have used to help both myself and hundreds of clients to get back into their bodies and regain access to their energy.

Please note: due to the depth of teaching, additional holding and transformation achieved through these sessions they are NOT available on the same basis as my healing sessions. The sessions and the support levels provided are available exclusively to clients who purchase my three session intensive healing program.

The investment for the package is £795 which is payable in either one or two instalments.

Please do get in touch by email ( or phone (+44 (0)7539 780107) if you have any questions about any of the above. I look forward very much to hearing from you and to helping you breakthrough to a happier, freer and more empowered version of you.

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