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Training programmes and VIP Retreats with Estelle

Anyone can go to the gym. But those who want the best results work with a personal trainer.
I am a personal trainer for people who want to fulfil their soul’s highest purpose.

My mission is to give intelligent, sensitive, motivated people like you the tools to connect with your highest nature and activate your magical, soul gifts so that you can create the life you desire.

No matter how bright you are, how old you are, how long you’ve been on the spiritual path, or how many kinds of healing or spiritual development you’ve tried, you still have blind spots. We all do.

My training programmes are about shining the light on those blind spots. It’s about discovering exactly what kind of spiritual straight jacket you’re in and what kind of ancestral and karmic chains your soul is tied up in – then setting you free.

And who better to explain the obstacles that hold back sensitive souls, than an extremely sensitive person who has battled their way through hundreds of their own karmic blocks and has now helped sensitive people all over the world to do the same?  Exactly!

Who I help:
Smart, empathic, sensitive people who are one or more of the following:

Wanting more from life;

Confused about their highest purpose, or blocked from moving forward with it;

Serious about connecting more deeply with their spiritual gifts and using them in the world;

Giving out lots of love, but some how not being rewarded with loving, fulfilling relationships.

Wondering if there’s something they can do differently.

There are three ways I can help

If you value personal attention above all, and you need the kind of deep and far-reaching spiritual insights that ensure the greatest possible results…

work with me one-on-one
If fulfilling your soul’s highest potential is your top priority and you are committed to making it happen NOW,

If One on One  via Skype isn’t right for you, there are two more ways to get access to this unique form of spiritual development and healing.  Choose the option that best describes the kind of personal attention you desire.

Estelle’s super deep and transformative VIP Healing Retreats

If you are looking for rock solid energetic holding and powerful transformation, then one of Estelle’s VIP healing retreats is a great next move. You will benefit from:

Estelle’s fast and accurate analysis of the real root cause of what’s hurting or hindering you,  AND her equally accurate and powerful healing transmissions.

Learn more about Estelle’s VIP Healing Retreats


Group coaching

Nothing brings me more joy than training people like you to turn your sensitivity into the key that unlocks your soul’s highest purpose and your gifts.

That’s why I created:

The Activate Your Magic Inner Circle

Activate Your Magic is a one-of-a-kind programme that answers every single question you have about your spiritual life and your soul’s highest purpose.

By walking you through a different topic every week – Harnessing the Magic of your non-physical vibrational self, Life Purpose, Re-aligning your DNA with Pure Source, Embodying your Highest Nature, Your Unique Spiritual Blueprint, Your Sovereign Power and How to Embody Compassion and Love – I ensure that when you graduate, you will be able to create the connection with Source energy that you truly deserve.

Learn more about The Activate Your Magic Group Programme


Frequently Asked Questions

But what if I just want one session?
Sorry. Releasing the knots, blocks and locks that are preventing you from accessing your gifts and embodying your highest nature doesn’t happen in one 50-minute phone session. You and your inner child will be starting a new spiritual life from scratch, not trying to strap new gifts and new experiences onto unhealed trauma and karmic wounds spanning the entire history of your soul. Seriously. Authentic spiritual training is about changing the way you perceive the world, and that means re-engineering the way you feel about yourself.

It all sounds great. Kind of scary, but exciting! Just one more question: what do you mean by “starting a new spiritual life from scratch”? Give me a little taste here…
Fair enough. Where we start depends entirely on your circumstances.

• If you are always helping other people and end up neglecting your own needs as a result, I’ll help you release the karmic and ancestral patterns that keep you locked in those patterns and release you from “The Prison of Over-Giving.”
• If you struggle to attract loving, fulfilling relationships and, instead, consistently attract either needy or emotionally unavailable partners, I’ll guide you step by step to discover and then release the blocks in your cellular memory and the deeply buried subconscious beliefs that make you feel you’re unworthy of love.
• If you find other people’s negative energies and emotions exhausting, and feel you’re an easy target for energy vampires, I’ll show you how to heal the wounds that negative people tap into and how to build a super-charged, and robust energy field.
• If you’ve reached a plateau in your spiritual life and want more access to Source energy and your gifts, I’ll introduce you to a new process that super-boosts your connection with your non-physical, vibrational self and we’ll take things to a whole higher level.

In other words, you may be a unique person but your situation is not unique. In fact, whatever you’re going through has been experienced by thousands before you. By taking control of your own destiny, uncovering your blind spots, and learning how your subconscious perceives reality, you will transform your life. Better yet, you’ll have internal peace and a deep connection to your own discernment and inner wisdom, knowing that you’re going to make the right decisions in your future.

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Activate Your Magic

A Focused and Proven powerful System with precisely what you need to turn your sensitivity into the key that unlocks your purpose, loving relationships and your gifts.

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The Karmic Breakthrough

Powerful releases and one to one healing transmissions to align you with your highest nature.

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VIP retreats with Estelle

Learn more about Estelles super special high energy transformation one on one VIP retreats in various beautifull locations around magical Cornwall UK.

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Free E-book: "Be Who You Came To Be"

How to Connect with Your Soul Wisdom and Find Your Purpose, Gifts and Power

a great read!
Join my list! and get more information on how you can connect with your true soul wisdom.