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Estelle in the Moon Lodge

Estelle in the Moon Lodge at San Creed, Penzance

A new format for my healing retreat packages

Following on from my last post, my new healing venue at San Creed also seems to have inspired a new way of working. Instead of being a four or five day package, my last four retreats have lasted for two or three days. In all cases, my clients wanted help and intensive healing. But their lives didn’t allow them the luxury of spreading the healing sessions out over the space of a week. So the new weekend, (or long weekend), retreat package was born. And I have to say, it is working really well.

There are no fixed rules about how many hours of healing people receive. The new retreat package lasts for either two or three days. I have an initial phone consultation with people who are interested, and we agree an estimated number of hours. So for example, two clients received 9 hours healing over the space of three days. Then the next two clients had a three and a half hour sessions on one day, followed by the same again the next day. And despite my reservations that all that work would be difficult for them to integrate over such a short time, that hasn’t been my clients’ experience. In fact two of them are coming back to do a second mini retreat in just a few week’s time! It just shows how much more is possible in the new healing energies we are experiencing. I realise there is more to life than increasing its speed. However, if this is the only way most people can access healing in a beautiful retreat space, I am willing to go with the flow.

The new mini retreat package is available either at Healing Waters (in Glastonbury) or at San Creed (near Penzance). In both cases, people are booking their healing sessions with me, and arranging their accommodation separately.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my two day retreat clients:

“Recently divorced, years of mild depression, with a feeling my head was going to explode, several negative/ bad habits and then I found Estelle, what a touch! Two sessions later and I am dancing and singing like never before, my head feels normal and I am smiling. Over the weekend I learnt so much about myself, put to bed some major issues, both in this life time and past lifetimes. Absolutely amazing two days, a journey I wish to continue. Everything estelle claims on her web page and more she can deliver, no doubt about it. And the icing on the cake, it was all done with with such love/ care & humour, it was fun, soothing and worth every penny.”

You can find out more by visiting my retreats page. Or, if you have any questions, call me for a FREE consultation on 07539 780107

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Updated: November 18, 2015 — 8:24 pm

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