Life purpose: are you tuning in to your greatest advisor?


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by Estelle Gillingham in Finding your life purpose

life purpose: using death as an advisorWhen people ask me for guidance and advice on finding their life purpose, I often point them in the direction of their death. I do it gently and subtly, of course – and after I have explained that healing our karmic wounds is one of the surest ways to allow our life purpose to come into clearer focus before us. But many people in our western culture “don’t want to go there”, or feel that the subject of death is morbid. On the other hand, we are all walking around with the knowledge that we have a huge event in our lives called our death. It seems strange, then, when seeking an improved sense of direction to ignore this immense and very fixed point. Strange also how few tools there are that allow us to gain any guidance or sense of value from it.

In many spiritual traditions, however, there are time-honoured practices of using the perspective that our death gives us to help guide us towards our life purpose, and to our soul’s true desires. I was reminded of this a few days ago when a friend asked me, “What would you do if you only had six month’s to live?” Having learned a little about the Toltec tradition of using death as a trusted advisor, I closed my eyes before answering him. I then let energy flow out from my heart and asked to be shown what was really important to me.

The first thing I saw was a field of green. The colour was accompanied by a real longing in my heart for more green. I knew from this that I am currently hurting myself by not spending enough time in nature. I call it running a nature deficit. And because I am an elemental, I know that my energy levels will never be optimal unless I take time to recharge by visiting places with beautiful rock forms, abundant trees and flowing rivers and streams.

The second insight was more surprising. I thought I would come up with a list of countries I felt I had to run off to. But instead of this, I received specific information that I need to place clear quartz crystals in my jug of drinking water. Even though I sleep with crystals under my pillow and use them in my healing work, my body was really clear that it wanted to embody even more of the qualities of a crystalline energy field.

One of my goals in life is to have more and more energy and light running through my energy channels. I want to have more crystalline order and structure in my physical, emotional mental and spiritual energy fields. So why was I surprised by the advice my meditation on death had provided me? Because I had initiated the meditation by asking “What would I do if I only had six months to live?” The answer pinpointed the importance, to me, of gaining more energy, health and vibrance, even if I were about to die. I don’t think I had ever really considered that the amount of light and energy you have in your body when you pass over would be important to your eternal soul. It gave me plenty to think about.

The results of my meditation were very specific to me. They demonstrate how using death as one of your trusted advisors makes life personal. So I am not advocating that everyone drinks crystal water. The point is that the meditation allows you to get to the core of what matters to YOU. It is, therefore, invaluable when seeking guidance on life purpose.

Ken Eagle Feather, in his book “Toltec Dreaming” describes it like this:
“When faced with our death, other concerns pale in comparison. You drop all pretense. Meaning wells up from the heart and you clearly understand how you want to live. A strong focus on death permits a strong focus on life. Using death as a focusing agent is a way to align energy within yourself in order to maximise your life.”

Three tips for when you try this meditation yourself

1. Make sure you stay non-attached so that you don’t become morbidly obsessed with the technique. Imagine that you create a space for your death to be present with you by working with the infinity symbol. You sit in one loop of the figure of eight and you draw the other loop in front of you. When you finish the meditation, imagine the two loops become two separate circles. Then imagine the second circle dissolving.

2. Don’t be put off if you don’t get an answer immediately. Asking the question and waiting for a short time is what matters. You will be surprised at the signs and guidance that turn up in the days that follow your meditation. You might have an inspiring and unusual conversation with someone. Or you might be drawn to an interesting web page or receive an email that catches your attention.

3. If the answer seems too obvious or doesn’t surprise you in anyway, throw that answer back into the sea of all possibilities. Reset your fishing lines and ask the question again.

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  1. Julie Lines says:

    I love this Estelle, it is very powerful indeed and helps me find perspective. I used to teach this in a course many moons ago about imagining what you would want people to say about you at your funeral, again with no attachments – tuning in to what makes your heart and soul sing most vibrantly…. I sense lots of us are feeling the next wave of purpose and it can feel unnerving yet if we hold it with excitement for new adventures, all is well. Thank you for your fab post and sending much love xxxxx

    1. Estelle Gillingham says:

      Thank you Julie. I really appreciate your comment. There are two other new waves i can sense now the eclipse energies have settled down – one is very close to your heart and is a new experience of an even closer relationship with nature (it literally feels closer). And the other is a new level of peace – at last! Thanks again for your comment. Much love xxxxx

  2. ccc says:

    A good read Estelle, looking forward to trying this. My meditation teacher on retreat told us that he had been taught by his teacher to ‘always keep death by your side’.

    1. Estelle Gillingham says:

      Thank you for your solid support of this blog Claudia. You are a star. Glad you enjoyed the post xxx

  3. Marchie says:

    Dear Little Elemental Sister,

    this is a fantastic topic and written in such an illuminating way! The concept of passing allows us, so distracted by societal falsities, to ‘cut to the chase’ and not only to bring us into the moment but also into our ‘Cosmic Moment’ of personal meaning.
    I find this very helpful and will share on my page.

    Much Love my Sweet, Wise Friend, thank you for all you do.

    Marchie and Steve – Australia

    1. Estelle Gillingham says:

      Dear Marchie,
      so lovely to hear from you. Glad you liked my blog and thank you for sharing it. I would love to hear more about what you are doing at some point – the sound healing work at Uluru must have been amazing. Much love to you and Steve xx

  4. mia manners says:

    brilliant observation. I have always walked with death as my anchor to remaining connected to all that life means and how limitless we are in all cycles of death, rebirth, seasonal, and so on.
    I am meditating daily and the more I practice the more I understand.
    Thank you Estelle x

    1. Estelle Gillingham says:

      Hi Mia, so glad it is on the mark and helpful for you. Thank you very much for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. Glad to hear you are meditating daily – impressive! Love and best wishes, Estelle x

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Free E-book: "Be Who You Came To Be"

How to Connect with Your Soul Wisdom and Find Your Purpose, Gifts and Power

an amazing read!
Download my FREE E-book! you will have the option to join my mailing list; and the option to join over 4,000 members of your soul family in my FREE Facebook group for sensitive people