Introducing the Crystal Deities

Introducing the Crystal Deities
Introducing my multi-dimensional friends: The Crystal Deities

In this first Crystal Deity blog I am finally allowing myself to share some of what I have been up to since I last wrote, and, more importantly, who I have been meeting. Over the last ten months I have been making quite a few new friends. And not just with other human beings. As a collective, I am calling my new pals “The Crystal Deities”. Crystal because I met them all through tuning in to and photographing a very special family of crystals. And deities, because, I believe, each of the characters I discovered in these crystals represents an aspect of our true divine nature.

The Crystal Deities represent what is, for me, one of the most exciting aspects of living in these times. And that is the visual and palpable way in which the veils between our 3D world and other dimensions are getting thinner. What we are capable of perceiving and interacting with is expanding as we expand our level of consciousness. And the signs we are receiving that ambassadors from other realms wish to communicate with us are getting increasingly blatant. For example, more and more people are seeing or photographing light orbs or presences that look like angels. I love all this as it provides relief and hope in the midst of the endless layers of trauma and karmic wounds that are coming to the surface in each of us as we receive the progressively stronger and stronger light activations from all these powerful planetary configurations, super moons and eclipses. Quite frankly, we need the encouragement to keep going with our journeys.

As with all good discoveries, the Crystal Deities came to me and my partner, Lindsay Fairbairn, by synchronicity and chance. When I first met Lindsay, I wanted to buy him a gift that would help him bring more of his artistic and creative gifts into the world. I knew I needed something really special and I set about searching for the right crystal that would help. Living in Glastonbury, I had access to an incredible range of crystals. With magical guidance and, through an impressive set of synchronicities, I quite quickly found a crystal that was unlike any other I had ever felt. It had an unusually strong and incredibly pure electromagnetic field. The current of electricity it sent through my arms, when I tuned into it, was really strong. And so was the flash of white light it sent into my psychic eye.

When I gave the crystal to Lindsay he took it to a magical piece of land in Glastonbury and started photographing it. When we studied the images he had taken, we discovered the first Crystal Deity, now known as the Pan Unicorn. And the rest as they say is history. We now have a growing family of both crystals and portraits. Each Crystal Deity image is entirely unique. They are the result of hundreds of hours of photography because the crystals are incredibly sensitive to the smallest change in the angle and quality of light. In all but two cases, each crystal deity only appeared on a single occasion and it has never been possible to photograph the same portrait again.

Being able to photograph the magical figures who inhabit, so fleetingly, these beautiful crystalline worlds, was amazing and rewarding in itself. However, further into the project, I began to realise that each of the crystalline portraits also corresponds to an aspect of my work as an energy healer. This is because each Crystal Deity portrait is also a visual representation of an energetic frequency that we need in order to heal and evolve.

In my healing work, I have been exploring how different energies and states of consciousness can be used to dissolve and release the old, stuck energies of karma, wounds and unhelpful subconscious programming that stop people moving forwards in their lives. And despite it taking an embarrassing length of time for me to make the connection, I did eventually realise what the Crystal Deity pictures were really about. The portraits show the nature of the knots, blocks and locks that prevent us from embodying our true, divine nature. And when their symbolism is properly decoded, they also show the means by which our karmic wounds can be unraveled and dissolved.

When the Crystal Deity images are collected together, they form a map of the various stages of healing and karmic clearing that our subconscious must go through in order for our souls to develop and evolve. Brought together, the Crystal Deities constitute nothing less than a step by step guide to achieving higher states of awareness and, ultimately, gaining enlightenment.

My aim now is to release essays and videos about the Crystal Deities, and the map they hold for our transformation, as I write them, one portrait at a time. If you’d like to stay in touch with the progress of this exciting project and receive these updates as soon as they are available – please send an email to

Many blessings,

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  1. Fascinating! look forward to hearing more…

  2. wow beautiful Beings………..and so many others seemingly hidden in the recesses and shadows surrounding them too! Just so cool that they are manifesting so clearly. Thank you for this delightful experience.

    1. Thanks Jacqui. Yes, the more you look at the pictures, the more multi-dimensional and trans-dimensional beings and happenings you see! Especially in the larger prints. There are larger versions on http://www.saatchiart/lindsayfairbairn and we are (very happily) now on Artpal as well. Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment – much appreciated! Love, Estelle xxx

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