What your inner child knows about your life purpose

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When you were little, what were the things that fascinated you?

When I was five whenever the roses were in bloom in our garden, I used to carry out a secret ritual. I would select the most fragrant rose I could find and I would pick a few of its petals.

Next, I would soak the rose petals in water in a special bowl. My goal was to make a special fragrance.

And if you had asked me what the properties were of this fragrance I was trying to make, the answer may have surprised you. Because even then I knew this perfume had to be so fragrant that, if anyone inhaled it, it would take away all their pain and suffering.

At five years old, I’d already clued on to the fact that my parents were very unhappy. And, like many sensitive children, I believed that that was something that I was responsible for sorting out.

By the time I was eight, my brilliant attempts at fixing my parents’ marriage had become quite “advanced”. I used to lie in bed, listening to the rise and fall of my parents voices in the lounge beneath my bedroom. I could feel the vibration of all their emotions come up through the lounge ceiling and into my body – it was like being a tiny boat being tossed about on giant and angry waves.

My solution? I used to lie there and call upon any angels that might be passing to come and help. But I wasn’t leaving anything to chance. Because, as well as deeply believing it was my responsibility to make my Mum and Dad happy, I now also believed that to help them, I had to be brilliant.

So to get the angels’ attention, I had to show them how brilliant I was. I would pretend I was at the Olympic games, winning a gold medal in Gymnastics, or swimming. I’d lie in bed doing the backstroke or the splits, then imagine stepping up on the winner’s podium, bowing my head to have the medal placed round my neck. And then I’d raise my hands above my head to wave at the crowd. And, of course, to flag down any passing angels.

When my attempts to knock on heaven’s door, didn’t seem to be working, I carried on being good at everything else.and following my parents’ wishes for me.

By the time I was in my late twenties, my life and my CV looked great. I had married someone whose family had been graduating from Oxford University for the last twenty generations, and I was project directing web site builds for some of the UK’s first online banks.

But I was also getting sicker and sicker by the day. I was getting more exhausted and more depressed. Although everything I was doing made everyone around me happy, none of it meant anything to me.

It took several physical, mental and emotional breakdowns before I finally got the point, but eventually, I stopped living my family’s vision for my life, and started to do what felt true to me.

And that was then the magic began.

In short, I rebelled against everything. I left my husband, I left my job and I sold my house. And I devoted seven years to travelling, researching and practicing what felt important to me: which, of course, was healing!

Now after helping hundreds of sensitive people to align with their soul’s highest purpose and gifts, a typical healing session for me is one in which I:

Retrieve the lost parts of people’s souls
Banish the dark imprints left by all kinds of mental, emotional and physical abuse
Release the ancestral programming that limits what people believe they are able to ask for and do.

The gift I discovered deep inside me, allows people like my client Joanne to overcome her fear of commitment and to have a baby with a partner who adores them both;

allows people like Katherine to leave an abusive partner and find a loving and caring relationship with the love of their life;

allows people like my client Mimi to overcome her anxiety and fear of flying and build a successful healing business of her own.

Not bad for someone who also spent seven years following their parents wishes to become a PhD research chemist!

Over the last four years I’ve built a successful healing practice and created Activate Your Magic – my signature programme for aligning sensitive people with their highest purpose and gifts.

And my own life is better than I could have ever dreamt:

  1. I get to choose when and where I work;
  2. I have found my own loving partner
  3. and I get to earn more doing work I love than I ever did in any other stage in my career

AND I’ve seen hundreds of sensitive people create their own break throughs. So I know just how possible it is for you.

So today, I want you to open your mind to everything that is possible for you. I want you to think back to what it was that fascinated you as a child – and to the dreams you had.

We live in amazing times. The entire consciousness of the planet is evolving. And there have never been so many amazing energies available to help you align with the wisdom of your inner child. You really can chart your own path, align with your highest purpose and bring your gifts into the world – in exactly the way that your five year old self, or your eight year old self always planned.

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