How your karma is making you feel right now…

transforming our karmaIf you are anything like the clients who have been coming to see me in the last few weeks, you might be feeling as if you are not yet fully in your power. Tracking back for each of my clients revealed that the root cause of their present lack of ease about stepping into their power was an unresolved trauma in one of their past lives. Karma strikes again!

Perhaps this wasn’t literally the case. Perhaps a past life trauma and the concept of karma are simply wonderful, metaphorical ways of locating blocked energy in the psyche and then relieving it. However, the wonderful thing about each of these clients was their conviction that they no longer wished to be limited. They believed, as I do, that we can change energetic patterns in our subconscious (a modern way of describing karma), and in doing so, we can achieve better outcomes in our lives.

Quite often when people hear me giving a talk, or are wondering about whether to have a session with me, they will ask me: “but can we actually change our karma?”. I love this question and if you have always wanted to believe that the answer is “yes”, but were never quite sure why you thought was true, you will love the latest Crystal Deity video.

Or, if you have always been adamant that karma is fixed and can only be changed by God, you might be in for a surprise. Watch the Transforming Karma video to find out why!

Happy Imbolc!
Estelle x

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