How to train your Unicorn

The Pan Unicorn

The Pan Unicorn

Several people have asked for a process to help them activate and work with the healing frequencies of the Pan Unicorn. To refresh your memory on some of the specific healing purposes of this particular Crystal Deity, you can visit the Pan Unicorn page. To summarise though, the Pan Unicorn’s healing purpose is to release anything that blocks us from our connection with our own divine nature. It is a potent healing frequency and the processes below will help you anchor it into your life.

Step One:
Using the breath to access and anchor more crystalline energy

A simple 3:3:3 breathing pattern is a really good way to connect into the energy field of the Pan Unicorn. Having an intention for each part of the breathing cycle also makes the practice more effective. I have included the intention for each part of the breath in brackets below. To begin, gently gaze at the picture and let your breathing gently relax as follows:
Breathe in through the nose for three counts (Ask: asking for or requesting a connection)
Hold your breath and focus on your heart for three counts (Expand: expanding your connection)
Release your breath through your mouth over three counts (Receive: allowing yourself to receive from the connection)

Step Two:
Using an Open question to receive more information from the Pan Unicorn
Once your breathing is established, you can tune into the healing frequency of the Pan Unicorn using a statement like this:
“If it were possible for me to access the healing / information that this crystal can offer me, where would my awareness be taken to now?”
And then you simply notice what you notice.

The above question is designed to confound the rational part of our mind. The left hemisphere of the brain is programmed to search for a definite answer that it locates in its database of stored past experience. But we want to learn something that is beyond our current experience. So we must access the information through the intuitive, right hemisphere of the brain. The above statement is based on an open question and the rational part of the brain cannot find a logical answer to it. It therefore has to pass this task on to our intuitive mind. This powerful, parallel processor is connected to the wisdom of our heart field. And through that heart-field connection, it also gives us access to the larger non-physical part of us, our quantum consciousness.

As a race we humans have become very unbalanced in this respect. Most of us have been conditioned and trained to suppress and deny the information that we receive through the intuitive part of the mind. We give precedence to the information we can understand through our normal perceptual biases which form our rational, or logical, minds. I expressed the view that healers who dismissed conventional medicine were also out of balance. If you want to open up more of your intuitive abilities, open questions like the one above are a really useful way of getting into that non-rational zone.

Step Three:
Receiving healing from the Pan Unicorn
When tuning into higher vibrating, healing energies, you may become aware of areas of your body that feel uncomfortable. Just like a plant-based adaptogen like Maca, the consciousness of the Pan Unicorn locates compressed, low vibrating, stuck energy (bin chi) in your body. It then raises the frequency at which those parts of your physical energy body are vibrating. That area then feels tight until the energy becomes sufficiently spacious and vibrates fast enough to be able to clear through your physical energy body. The stuck, compressed energy will then clear through your emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. It will then finally be released from your energy field. How long this process takes depends on how much healing and clearing you have already done. It is exactly the same as a physical detox process and can be greatly assisted by drinking plenty of good quality water, and avoiding stimulants such as caffeine.

You can also speed up and assist the detox process by gazing at the Pan Unicorn picture and saying:
“If it were possible for me to breathe more light into the stuck energy in this part of my body, how would my experience be different now?

I hope you will find these processes helpful. Please do let me know how you get on and leave a comment below.
Love and blessings,

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