Greater Clarity on Life Purpose


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Greater Clarity on Life Purpose

Overcoming what other people want for you is one of the key obstacles in the way of sensitive people getting deep clarity on their life purpose. Let me explain what I mean…

Firstly how much of what you think you are doing do you think you are making a choice about?

It might shock you to know that for most of us more than 95 per cent of what we think we are choosing to do is actually coming from auto-pilot programs stored in our subconscious mind.

Its like when I hired a left hand drive car and had to drive on the right hand side of the road on a recent trip to Europe.  I spent the first ten minutes every day, hitting the back of my hand against the inside of the car door every time I went to change gear – ouch!

Our emotions run from auto-pilot programs stored in the sub-conscious too.  And that’s REALLY relevant to you if you are a sensitive person  – because whether you know it or not, you are not only acutely aware of the emotional content of other people’s energy fields, but you absorb it too.

Life can be overwhelming for sensitive people. We spend our lives picking up on huge amounts of vibrational information that other people simply delete.  As children we use our abilities to learn auto-pilot programs to keep us safe.  For example, we make decisions that we know will please other people – even if it isn’t the decision that we would have made for ourselves.  And that childhood survival strategy becomes a habit.

If you add up the effect of all those small decisions, many of which will be made on auto-pilot, over an entire life, you can see how very far we can become from expressing our own true nature.  And why a lot of sensitive people find themselves unfulfilled, exhausted and frustrated energy in their adult life.

Take for example, my client Hayley.  She had a very critical and dominant mother indeed and had absorbed so much of her mother’s energy that, as an adult, she was deeply enmeshed in her mother’s energetic conditioning and programming.   At the subconscious level, Hayley’s thoughts were continually influenced by her mother’s ideas: ideas about what how she should behave, who she should spend time with and how successful Hayley deserved to be.

It was really hard fro Hayley to connect with her own intuition, or find any sense of her purpose in life.  And she had no success at all in attracting a partner or finding a loving, caring relationship.  Her energy field was way too full of her mother’s energy for that to happen!

So Hayley was stuck.  She kept taking actions that were right from her Mum’s perspective, but not right for her.  And as a result she was anxious, depressed and on her own.

All the sensitive people I have worked with have amazing gifts and if they are not following their soul’s highest purpose and using those gifts, they know it and it makes them sick.  Their soul has a strong, magnetic true North, and when they are not in alignment with it – they know it.

When sensitive people take actions that are right for other people and not right for them it is like dropping their internal magnet on the floor again and again.  Eventually, the magnet grows weak, and the sensitive person loses their internal guidance system and they doubt their abilities and can’t find any purpose in life.

But amazing things happen when sensitive people learn how to absorb the right kind of energetic information.  They have an amazing talent for re-aligning with their highest nature and their true gifts.

As soon as I began teaching Hayley to release the noise of her mother’s energy from her own energetic signal, her depression lifted and her natural levels of energy returned.  In fact they sky-rocketed, and not only that but Hayley also began to remember what she loved.  She now writes stories for children, and has managed to go on quite a few dates!!

Even sensitive people who are well established in their careers can have an invisible ceiling on their talents and gifts if they are still enmeshed in somebody else’s energy.  For example, my client Alan Dolan, The Breath Guru, was a highly successful healer, but he knew there were gifts and abilities that he still wasn’t able to access.  Once we released his mother’s energy from his energy field, he took his healing sessions to a whole new level and his clients achieved even deeper and further-reaching healings as a result.

I believe that sensitive people have incredible gifts.  And to access those gifts an fully align with their soul’s highest purpose, they have to create a strong and autonomous connection to pure source.

I’ve done this for myself, and for hundreds of sensitive people – always with remarkable results.  And despite our deep subconscious fear that having a strong energy field and steering our own ship might be disloyal to the people that we have become enmeshed with, through our love for them, it isn’t disloyal at all.

In fact, you setting yourself free energetically, sets your loved ones free as well. Far from hurting the people you love, it opens doors to new and better possibilities in all your relationships.  That’s the power of being aligned to your soul’s true nature.

So how about you?

Imagine the energy and clarity you’d have if you were aligned with your soul’s true north.

Imagine the joy of being such an authentic version of yourself that you only ever attracted loving and caring relationships.

Imagine what you would be able to achieve if your energetic signal was so strong and so free of other people’s energy and noise, that you were free to create the life you desire?

Take a step towards all those things today, by writing a list of all the things that you love.  And then start building more of those things into your daily life.  That’s how you begin re-aligning with who you really are.  Try it for thirty days – and then let me know the results!

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Free E-book: "Be Who You Came To Be"

How to Connect with Your Soul Wisdom and Find Your Purpose, Gifts and Power

an amazing read!
Download my FREE E-book! you will have the option to join my mailing list; and the option to join over 4,000 members of your soul family in my FREE Facebook group for sensitive people