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Frequently asked questions

“A Path To Healing The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You”. Rumi


Will Karmic Breakthrough healing be right for me?

Estelle’s approach to healing has developed through hundreds of hours of one to one work with clients. This experience has helped her to clarify who her work helps the most. The three main criteria that define the kind of person who gets the most benefits from this work are as follows:

  • being open to the possibility that our subconscious minds and central nervous systems may be carrying trauma and painful experiences from both our current life and from past lives;
  • understanding that these experiences shape our beliefs and that beliefs continually influence the kind of lives we create for ourselves;
  • being open to the idea that both limiting beliefs and traumatic events are part of our genetic inheritance and can be passed down ancestral lines.

More important even than these three criteria is that you are through with your suffering and are ready for change in your life.


Are there any kinds of client for whom the work is NOT so suitable?

Estelle has found that a lot more sessions are often required when helping clients who have:

  • large amounts of trauma stored in their physical body;
  • find it very difficult to connect with their emotions;
  • find it very difficult to sense anything in their bodies;
  • very little experience of holistic healing or energy work;
  • no spiritual / energetic practice which they do regularly in a group on their own.

 In these cases, she often recommends that the clients have help from someone who is trained in releasing trauma through somatic experiencing before they come for help with her. These clients are then able to make very rapid progress when working with karmic issues with Estelle.

How many sessions will I need?

Most of Estelle’s clients are healers themselves and / or have done significant amounts of healing work on themselves over a number of years. These clients are more likely to experience a significant release or breakthrough with the issue that is bothering them in their first sessions. It’s just that final blast they need, or a key insight combined with very powerful and focused healing energies that will release them from an issue that has made them feel they have reached a brick wall in their healing.  However, Estelle has also worked with people who are entirely new to healing and energy work and who are also able to transform very rapidly.

Many of these clients then decide to come back for more sessions because they either want to go into the same issue more deeply to clear it, or they would like to make another breakthrough in a different area in their lives. Some people like to leave some time for the changes experienced in the first session to integrate, others want to continue more quickly. And some people are perfectly happy with what they achieved in their first session.

There are also some clients who require more sessions or a full 5 day retreat in order to really move on in their lives. These clients have had life-long issues and are bound unusually deeply in many, many layers of karmic contracts and / or have experienced huge trauma in many past lives.  Many of these clients, once they have transformed their wounds and freed themselves from their karmic knots, blocks and locks will go on to be incredibly powerful healers themselves. When working with these clients, Estelle will help to identify what their particular healing gifts are.  The extra sessions enable Estelle to go into far more depth and to equip these souls with tools and processes they can use to develop their healing art.

Do you have to believe in past lives to benefit from the Karmic Breakthrough?

Forensic Healing is all about identifying and releasing the trapped energy in a person’s energy field so that they can reconnect to their natural state of well-being. Concepts such as karma and past lives are incredibly useful because they provide images and ways of describing phenomena that arise within people’s energy fields. Energy is something that very few people can see and concepts like past lives, past life metaphors, quantum entanglement or birth trauma legacies are all equally valid and useful ways of thinking about how energy blocks occur. Although it is important to be able to give a language to the healing process, as long as the person receiving the healing has an open mind, it doesn’t actually matter whether they believe in past lives. Once the trapped energy is identified and released, the benefit of the treatment follows.

What is the difference between the Karmic Breakthrough and past life regression therapy?

In past life regression work a client is usually placed in a trance state. This deep state of relaxation can allow them to be led to the parts of their subconscious where memories of past life experiences are held. They can then see and / or recall events that have happened to them. Depending on the aims of the regression therapist and the techniques being used, this can be the entire aim of the session. In other cases, the therapist will then go on to assist their client in releasing any stuck trauma or help their client to reframe or transform their experience.

As a qualified Forensic Healer, Estelle’s approach to past life issues is focused very much on:

  1. identifying where the root cause of your problems is held as trapped energy inside you and
  2. to transform the underlying energy that holds that pain trapped inside you.

Rather than providing you with in-depth details or the full story of these events, her aim is to bring you healing. She will receive key information about important events that you have experienced in various lives. This information enables her to locate very specifically where energy is stuck inside you so that she can release and transform that energy. The energy can be in the form of karmic contracts and even curses that need to be released.  Very often it is a matter of releasing the memory of a traumatic event.  These events can often involve a person in our current life that we struggle to relate to.  Releasing the and transforming this type of stuck energy from a past life can be profoundly healing and can release you from the pain and suffering you experience in your relationship with that person in this life, here and now.

Often during traumatic events in our soul’s journey, an experience is so completely overwhelming and unbearable that part of our essential energy will schism out of our energy field. Another important aspect of Estelle’s work is her ability to find and retrieve these energy orphans. She will journey with your spirit to find the parts of you that are frozen, shut down and unavailable to you. She will witness the suffering of your energy orphans and allow them to release their pain and stuck emotions. She then allows one of her spirit guides to gently guide those parts of you back into your heart field.

How do you release stuck energies?

The healing that brings about the change in how you have been storing information is achieved in the first instance through an energetic transmission.

After Estelle has spoken to you and ascertained what your key issues are, she will tune into your energy field.   She then tunes into her own connection with both the healing energies of mother earth and of the higher realms. She gently directs these healing energies through the different layers of your energy field. Estelle also work with a number of spirit guides who allow her to access specific healing energies for specific purposes, like clearing karmic vows, or retrieving the lost parts of someone’s soul.


I have done lots of healing work on myself. Why am I still not moving forward?

As healers, we are living through a particularly challenging time right now. Estelle works with healers and other clients, either face to face, or internationally.   Her clients are highly skilled, very gifted people and are trained in modalities ranging from shamanism to the Emotional Freedom Technique. They have worked on themselves and they have sought help from other healers. But for some hidden reason, they are still not able to breakthrough their limits and access the level of freedom and progress they want in their lives. Whatever their training and experience, and wherever they live in the world, the people Estelle works with come to her because they are hitting some kind of brick wall.

As a Forensic Energy Healer, Estelle have been trained to get to the root cause of her clients’ issues. As a very rational, PhD qualified research scientist, she was initially very reluctant to enter the territory that her Higher wisdom was pointing to. However, life had already shown her that we ignore our own guidance at a great cost, and, since she began on this path, Estelle has had it demonstrated very powerfully to her in hundreds of sessions that the issue, or really the opportunity, facing us now is our deepest karma. We are being asked to transform wounds, traumas and limiting beliefs, not only from our current life, but also from our ancestors’ lives and from our own experiences in past lives. And, furthermore, in order to really breakthrough and embody more of our Real nature, it is now also necessary to understand and radically reconfigure the energy and emotional glue that keep these layers fused together and locked into place in our energy fields.

It is Estelle’s belief that these very deep, multi-layered and interconnected karmic wounds are EXACTLY what are keeping many of us stuck and in pain right now. And the older the soul we are, the more intensely we are going to be feeling these wounds and the more they will be limiting our lives.

Why is this kind of work necessary now?

As part of what the Mayans, and other ancient civilisations described as The Shift of Ages, massive amounts of light are now being beamed in to the earth plane. The light is assisting us in this planetary-wide evolution of consciousness. And as the amount of light we live in increases, the depth of the wounds that we are being asked to transform, so that we can evolve, is also increasing.

Estelle knows from her own experience and from her work with clients what it feels like as the knots and locks and blocks that have been keeping our real nature, our full energy and our full potential nailed down for so long start pressing their way into the forefront of our lives. As these very old and very deep wounds press their way with increasing urgency into our conscious minds, a lot of us are experiencing new and difficult levels of pain, disruption and dissatisfaction in our lives.

It isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t comfortable. But it does inspire us to search for answers outside ourselves and to ask others for help. Both these consequences are key factors in what allows us to heal and release our wounds. We need help and we need a bigger and deeper understanding of the situation our souls are now faced with in order to unlock the next phase of our remarkable potential as human beings. And as you are probably very aware, we are undertaking this change both as individuals and as part of the global community.


Why can’t I find any logical reason for what is wrong with me?

Because a major part of what is happening to us as a species is a rebalancing of the masculine and feminine aspects of our mind, the problems we are being asked to heal are the kind that are felt intuitively. Often, before treatment, these wounds, the way they stop our lives from going forwards and the unrelenting misery they can cause us, do not appear to make sense or have a rational cause.   You simply know from deep inside you, and from the way your life is playing out, that you are not happy and that something important is not being dealt with or understood.


Doesn’t trying to heal wounds from past lives and our ancestors mean a lot of extra hard work?

“A Path To Healing The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You”. Rumi

Increasing the breadth and scope of your vision of what healing entails may initially seem like a lot more effort. However, consider how much extra work and time it would take if you always applied your healing gifts to an area in your life that turned out only to be a symptom? How much more efficient and how much deeper would the healing be if you were able, once and for all, to get to the deepest root cause of what was really bothering you?

And how much more rewarding and evolutionary would it be if your healing ability actually allowed you to transform both your physical DNA and your light DNA. I believe that is the exact nature of the opportunity we are being offered at this time. Expanding our perspective to include healing past life and ancestral wounds allows us to take advantage of the unique times we are living in. It’s like getting a lever with a longer handle and therefore a lot more leverage. The deeper into our karma we can reach, the more opportunity there is to open our energy fields to the wave function of all the possibilities life can offer us.


Will I continue to feel the benefit of the healing after my session?

Some healing sessions bring about a permanent change in someone’s beliefs and / or their ability to deal with the situations that were bothering them differently. In other cases, it takes practice to learn how to maintain your energy at a high vibration and stay open to the benefits of a healing. One of the biggest factors that determines this is the amount of awareness a cient has and how much work they have already done to heal and clear their energy body.

Wherever possible, even in the first session if appropriate, Estelle will give people exercises to carry out at home.   This is so that they can practice re-creating their own connection with the healing energies that they experience when they are with her. This is really important so that clients do not become dependent on their therapists in order to heal. The real magic is in connecting people back into their own innate ability to heal themselves.   The exercises Estelle will show you are simple but very effective. With practice, they really can help you move forward with issues that have become very deeply engrained in your subconscious mind.   They enable you to build on the progress you have made in your session.


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