Embodiment: are you surfing the waves or getting a face full of seabed and gravel?


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by Estelle Gillingham in Managing your energy, self-love

embodiment helps us surf the waveThis week’s blog is about embodiment: the art of being deeply, physically present. Whether they are aware of it yet or not, it’s a huge issue to people who are energetically sensitive. Since the solar and lunar eclipses, I have been feeling my way into the new energies that are present. It feels to me that we have moved into a magical and deeply paradoxical time. The purpose of this blog, therefore, is twofold:

a) to confirm some of the things you may have already been feeling; and
b) to suggest some ways of easing you into our new energetic environment.

As my title suggests, the key thing to grapple with, (or to slide graciously into harmony with), is the art of really being here. Firstly, what are the benefits? If we can embody more of our awareness and be physically present for as many of our waking hours as we can, life becomes far easier to handle. And if we can find and resolve the root cause (or causes) of why we habitually “live” elsewhere, we will find the experience of being here a lot more joyful. We get more surf time and less bruising encounters with the ocean floor.

So what do I mean when I say we need to be deeply physically present? The idea of embodiment, for me, encompasses a lot more than the concept of being grounded. For old souls and new star and crystal children alike, it is the key to making their life first bearable and then successful.

The difference between embodiment and grounding
For many of us, very little of our essential energy is actually available to us in our physical body. It is locked down in emotional wounds, or knotted up in the programming we have absorbed from others. Very many energetically sensitive people experience a major block when it comes to bringing their awareness and real nature into their body. They feel deeply unsafe about embodying who they really are due to unresolved trauma. Some of these traumatic memories are events they are conscious of, but a lot more are stored at the subconscious level. And here’s the point: if very little of your energy is actually accessible to you in your physical body, how are you supposed to “ground your energy”?

Asking someone who is largely locked out of their body to ground themselves is about as compassionate and useful as telling someone who is suffering from deep depression to pull themselves together.

However, the work of compassionately unraveling the knots, unlocking the locks and releasing the blocks that keep us from enjoying life in the physical is essential. It is, as I have stated in my title, the difference between surfing the waves and getting flattened by them. If we are habitually elsewhere, we are more likely than ever to take a pummeling in these new energies. Far better to take the strain off ourselves, and learn what we need to release and resolve so that we can embody our real nature and start to enjoy being physical.

Why is being increasingly physically present the key to the paradoxical energies we are now living in?
On the one hand we now have even more access to the high vibrating energies of nature and the celestial realms. And on the other hand, there is a stronger imperative than ever before to be more practical. We need to cope with the everyday routines and tasks. Being present and taking ownership of these small practical steps is the difference between having a dream and bringing an inspired project successfully into land.

There has always been a need to praise Allah and tie your camels too, but something else is happening now. The emphasis on resolving any issues that we have around whether it is safe to be present is increasing at the same rate as the accessibility of the higher energies. Living as we now do, in an energetic environment that has a higher vibrational baseline will continue to activate our subconscious minds. Our bodies will be prompted in the new higher energy frequencies to release more toxic, low vibrating energies and cellular memories. We will continue to get more spontaneous trauma releases. Tears, doubts and fears will be with us for some while yet. They are a natural result of our subconscious minds presenting us with everything we have stored in our cellular memory that has stopped us from showing up as who we really are. And this includes memories stored in our DNA, i.e. programming and experiences we have inherited along our ancestral lines, and also our memories from past lives.

How to deal with high frequency energies and low vibrating emotions.
The best way of surfing through all this is to remember the importance of decension work. It’s time for us to stop reaching into the heavens in order to pull in the higher aspects of our consciousness. The greatest facilitator of our Divine connection is, and always has been, directly under our feet. Our very deep fears of embodiment show up in many guises and at very many levels of our life experience. Only when we make a deep connection between our heart and lower chakras and the heart of Mother Earth will we have the safe foundation we need to unpack and transform our fears.

In my next blog I will be talking more about how to use the density of Mother Earth as our anchor. I’ll also be describing the powerful, transformative alchemy our connection with Her initiates.

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Free E-book: "Be Who You Came To Be"

How to Connect with Your Soul Wisdom and Find Your Purpose, Gifts and Power

an amazing read!
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