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The Fairy Horse rider cushionToday I am focussing on how to bring more healing magic into our everyday lives.
Each of the Crystal Deities has a healing frequency that is aligned with core values – you know the stuff that makes us feel alive and remember magic, because it means something to our soul. I find it incredibly uplifting to be surrounded by pictures of the Crystal Deities because they remind me of my core values.

the pan unicornAnd it seems I am not alone… according to Stanford professor Kelly McGonigal, nearly a hundred scientific studies have found that connecting to your values is one of the most effective psychological interventions ever studied. It makes us feel more powerful, in control and strong. It also makes us feel more loving, connected, and empathetic toward others. It increases pain tolerance, enhances self-control, and reduces unhelpful rumination after a stressful experience. That sounds like magic to me!

Here are some of the values (and magic) encoded in the Crystal Deity Images:

1. The Faerie Horse Rider
Core Values: emotional intelligence and a strong connection to resilience, high speed faerie-light intelligence and lots of high energy faerie laughter. This healing energy really helps you regain your ability to bounce back after life’s difficulties.
the abundance dragon
2. The Pan Unicorn
Core values: connection to pure source energy, your true life path and your true divine nature

3. The Abundance Dragon
Core values: connection to natural abundance and flow. This healing energy reactivates our ability to receive from life in a way that is natural, meaningful and in alignment with the values of the eternal part of our consciousness.

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Sending you many bright blessings,

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