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Activate Your Magic:

Crack the code on doing what you love and bring your unique healing abilities into the world by being true to your highest nature…

…rather than listening to everyone else (including your own self doubt!)

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Rosemary Innes

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A 12 Week Program For Sensitive People Who Want to Align With Their Soul’s Highest Purpose And Embody Their Unique Healing Gifts…AND Heal The World Along The Way!

You have so much you want to accomplish, it’s hard to know where to start…

What I’ve noticed over and over again when I’m working with my students is that so many of them have such an important gift to share with the world. And they feel in their heart that they’re here to do something bigger and to have a greater impact.

If you’re like most of my students, you’ve tried being the person that everyone else wants you to be, but its left you depleted and unfulfilled.

And there’s something gnawing away at you.  And its not just the pain of knowing you’ve sold yourself down the river.  Its also a deep desire to be who you came to be.

You want and need to express your authentic energy and you want to access and share more of your unique healing gifts. Not only that, but you’re driven and committed to taking action to uncover the REAL you and connect with your own real magic.

The problem is, either you don’t know how to begin…

…or you’re already a healer, but just haven’t achieved the kind of results that you want to get.

Either way, you know there’s more of your gift to bring.  And it feels like time is ticking by with no new progress to show for it.

That’s because it’s really hard to activate your unique healing abilities without perspective and guidance from someone who’s taken that journey before. It’s hard to get where you want to go without a mentor or a guide who can show you:

  • what to do
  • what not to do
  • how to avoid the big mistakes that are going to slow you down and keep you from reaching your goals
  •  and, most of all, someone who can see you in a way you’re not able to see yourself.

Because it’s so hard to step back and see what your own true, unique gift is.  And it’s a game changer when you have someone who’s an expert at pinpointing that for you. 

Activate Your Magic

Activate Your Magic is a one-of-a-kind, 12 week LIVE online group programme.  It gives you the precise teachings, live healing transmissions and healing techniques you need to turn your sensitivity into the key that unlocks your purpose; loving relationships and your gifts.

Having gained energetic preparation and with the culmination of everything you’ve learned in the first three modules of Activate You Magic:

It’s then time to enter into Star Reiki Academy to receive your unique Star Reiki Level 1 attunements and training. Whether you are a newcomer to healing, or you’ve already trained in multiple healing modalities, this is the graduation point where you will combine two amazing abilities that very few healers ever acquire:

• your ability to stay present and connected with your soul’s true north, enabling you to hold space and respond effectively to whatever situation the people you are helping present you with;

• your ability to tap into and channel the healing frequencies and living light intelligence of Your True North Healer.

What you’ll receive: Star Reiki Level One Attunement: The 1st set of light key-code activation Unique Light Key-Code Attunements: to newly received 1st set of conscious light key-codes from Sirius; The Pleiades and Arcturus (major star systems that are currently assisting with the evolution of human consciousness & DNA on Earth at this time.)

Certification: Star Reiki Level 1 light Healer – after successful completion of the required Star Reiki study and theory exam, plus 3 case studies; you will be certified; and are then able to pursue a new practice as a Star Reiki Level 1 healer.


The Missing Piece: Becoming a True North Healer

While other people (and other courses) may try to tell you what technique you should use to heal people…that isn’t what makes an exceptional healer. So many people start working as healers and find that, after a while, even if they’re actually making money, they’re still not fulfilled and they’re still not getting the kind of results that they really want to achieve with their clients. I don’t want that for you.

Instead, I want to help you discover, and then embody, what I call your “True North Healer”. Because there’s only one kind of healer that can succeed no matter what they are faced with: a totally authentic, True North Healer.

A True North Healer is someone whose healing abilities come from their alignment with their soul’s true north.

Imagine a compass. Inside the compass is something called a “compass rose” that marks the 4 cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. And a needle that always points north. You’re like this compass — you stay hard-wired to always point to your True North, even if you lose touch with it and you’ve forgotten how it feels. Once you remember how to connect with it, you can rely on your True North to guide you, even as you evolve, and even as the world changes around you. Your “True North” is that part of you that guides you and tells you the right path for you…

And generally speaking, it’s made up of the things that you love, those things that genuinely inspire you and your values – i.e. the feelings that are the MOST important for you to feel.  And when you tune in and align with it, it will lead you straight to your unique gifts and your superpowers.

A “True North Healer” is the only kind of healer that will both stand out from the noise of the most crowded market the world and the internet has ever seen… and experience the long-term fulfilment of not just “being a healer” but “being the healer you came to be…” But too many people ignore their True North compass when it comes time to choose which healing path they take, and they end up heading East, West, or even, South. And they train in more and more modalities searching for something that is inside thermal the time.

And, because being a “True North Healer” is founded on your internal truth, not set routines, or a checklist healing modality, its easier to stay on track when other healers hit a dead end and no longer know what to.  Because you can go deeper into that truth when your clients bring you deeper and more complex challenges. As long as you understand this, and follow your own “True North”, you’ll arrive at your destination, whatever that looks like for you. The beautiful part is that while everyone’s “True North” is different, the path to finding it is the same — you need to Activate Your Magic.

Everyone’s True North Is Unique… And Once You Find Yours, The Path You Should Take Immediately Becomes Clear!

Everyone’s True North Healer is different.  Its that perfect intersection of:

  • whom your life’s experience has uniquely equipped to guide,
  • what you’re good at,
  • what you love, and
  • what you can profit from.

Once you find your True North Healer, you’ll know exactly what path to take and what to do next, and you’ll be able to block out distractions and naysayers, moving from fear into confidence and action. So if you’re still at your day job… Struggling to start a healing business… Discouraged by your efforts so far… Or you’ve been a healer for a while but feel like there’s something missing…

Finding your True North Healer will show you the right path and get you taking steps towards being the healer you came to be.

Getting Started or Hitting the Refresh Button Is Often The Hardest Part… Because there’s so much pressure to get it right, taking the first step towards change is often the hardest part of the whole process. I always say, it doesn’t have to be perfect, if it feels right, trust that.  You just have to take the next step and get going! Let me help you create a solid foundation through a firm connection with your True North.

Once you have that you can confidently take action and start building your healing business, knowing that you’re not wasting time, because every action you take is guided by your True North. I want you to take the first steps, or the next steps in your healing business and confidently enjoy the ride. And remember… You already have the answers inside of you right now.In the call Estelle will:


What this year’s graduates are saying about Activate Your Magic

“I found the whole program completely revolutionary and amazing.” Jan Bowring, AYM graduate Nov 2018

“Every week I have been gob-smacked at the genius of the work.  I don’t know of anyone who can devise a roadmap like Estelle has.  And I’ve looked for a very long time.”Rosemary Innes, AYM graduate Nov 2018

“I’ve been to many healers in my lifetime but its just so beautiful to have all the tools from this course so that I can heal myself.” Moira Camino, AYM graduate Nov 2018

“I know exactly what my life purpose is and I can see the steps along the way I need to take. Its been amazing.” Ciara Samuels, AYM graduate Nov 2018

“Going into the imagination with the AYM healing processes was genius for me.” Tina Bell, AYM graduate Nov 2018

“I feel that these practices can make you stronger in order to go out into the world.” Nicola Nichols, AYM graduate Nov 2018

inner child healing   forefront of healing


Prioritising yourself


More praise from graduates of Activate Your Magic

“It’s such a gift that you offer people and absolutely life-changing.  It made me connect with things that I had forgotten about.  I realised I had to get back into my body to progress.  I found the whole program completely revolutionary and amazing. I’ve trained in so many healing modalities myself. 

But there is something about Activate Your Magic that is amazing because it actually addresses the central nervous system.  Its where so much of our healing needs to take place and I’ve spent forty to fifty years not realising that. I thought the soul retrieval process was absolutely stunning. 

What I loved about your process is that you are encouraging people to walk into their sovereign power and incorporate that in their own lives.  And the process of going into the heart through the nerve tree is absolutely mind-blowing

. It’s a really fantastic course if people are stuck in their spiritual process.  You can get very jaded, but AYM approaches it from so many different angles and there is so much assistance and help. 

And there are so many ways that people can incorporate each module into their lives.  If people are stuck and struggling, it really unsticks you.  I can definitely see a way forward. I would say it’s a lifelong investment. 

It’s not just helpful while people are doing the course, but its stuff that people can use on an ongoing basis, every day of their lives.  The more you delve into it, the more it will open up more of you.  It gives you the processes to really get to know yourself.” Jan Bowring, AYM graduate Nov 2018

  “If you want to know who you are, you have to strip away so much.  And I don’t know any other process that does it so beautifully and so compassionately.  And so effectively. Activate Your Magic is a beautiful, magical way to say of saying find out who you really are. 

Walk through your wounds with me and come out the other side with a clearer sense of presence. I’ve definitely changed.  I definitely feel more grounded. And more solid and more relaxed. And more joyful and at ease.  Like a big black cloud has lifted off.

The amount of energy shifting just listening to the first introduction was enormous. It would help with any kind of block that feels like a frustration about being who you can be.  That could be frustration or despair or any of those responses that we get when inside there is something saying “but there is more!” I think its invaluable.  If anyone’s thinking about it, it’s totally invaluable.  The work is priceless and it has been a delight.” Rosemary Innes, AYM graduate Nov 2018  

“I’ve been to many healers in my lifetime but its just so beautiful to have all the tools from this course so that I can heal myself. It’s definitely helped me with setting up boundaries with other people. 

Before doing the course I thought I was quite good at saying no to people when they are annoying you and just walking away.  But I am now standing in my power a lot more.  And I now definitely say “No, that is not ok.” And that’s great. 

And I’ve found that with people who are negative around me, I don’t let them suck on my energy any more.  That’s been an Aha moment for sure! The inner child healing processes felt so empowering.  I’ve been to many healers in my lifetime but its just so beautiful to have all the tools from this course so that I can heal myself, which is really really amazing. It definitely helps with self esteem. 

It teaches yo auto be a lot kinder to yourself.  If someone is stuck in a job or a marriage, it gives you the clarity and strength to find the right solution for you. For healers especially, it clears out all the negative thought patterns and criticisms that shouldn’t be there any more and just lets you be you. If you are feeling drawn to this course, there is no doubt.  Just do it, its awesome.” Moira Camino, AYM graduate Nov 2018  

“I knew I had some personal blocks in terms of moving forward with my business.  Then I realised that there was a whole lot more to be gained!  I found a lot of changes in the way people responded to me in my relationships. 

And rather than reacting, I found I was responding more and being more compassionate to them. I did a lot of inner child work and I now have a lot more clarity.  I know exactly where I am going.  Not only do I feel confident going ahead with my business, but its grown from “can I have a healing business?” to “I know exactly what my life purpose is and I can see the steps along the way I need to take.” 

Its been amazing. Estelle is the best in the business.  I’ve worked with a lot of healers in the past offering different types of healings.  But nobody really understands sensitive people the way that Estelle does. Its a very personal course.  Its not one on one, but you get those kind of results.  It feels very one on one. 

And there’s the group support as well. If you are someone like me who has always known that there is more out there for you than the world says there is.  Then this is the course for you. Ciara Samuels, AYM graduate Nov 2018

  “I had blocks that I couldn’t clear after years of trying and it felt like Activate Your Magic was going to do that for me so I went for it. There were some excellent scientifically backed explanations for the spiritual stuff that you wonder about. 

And the use of going into the imagination with very specific healing processes was genius for me.  And the use of the breath as well – that was what clicked for me, that this was do-able and enjoyable as well.  And the more you do it, the better at it you get.

If you’ve got things that you can’t unravel, no matter how hard you’ve already tried, then I would say go for it!  Just ask yourself, what is it worth to you to get these things cleared.  It’s been really excellent.  And really good fun – thank you!” Tina Bell, AYM graduate Nov 2018

  “I think being part of the group and being on the course was kind of vital to me.  The Vagus Nerve stuff was very profound.  And this stuff is so simple.  I’ve got an active mind and we can all make things more complicated than they need to be.  But when I know what the tools are, the healing can be very simple. 

Its not about how clever you are, its about actually allowing yourself to go to those places in your psyche that enable you to move forward. Estelle is lovely and the group has been lovely too.  The whole thing for me has been about acceptance and I have personally found a lot of benefit from being able to share my inner wisdom and the things that have come through for me. 

That has been a really strengthening thing for me to do. It’s been that forum that has given me the confidence to think about doing something online or connecting with other people. I feel that these practices can make you stronger in order to go out into the world.” Nicola Nichols, AYM graduate May 2018

“Estelle’s energy during the live group calls is amazing. The healing energies are so palpable and positive – II felt so inspired and so grounded at the same time. And I have never had such clear visions of the light working in and around a group meditation before. And such clear messages from Source. It really is magical.”

Katherine Mc Adam, AYM graduate Nov 2017  

This course has been such a breakthrough, and I’d love to experience it all again! The Facebook group keeps me in conversation with other sensitive people, which is great .

No-one has been able to see what’s going on with me, and explain it, and give me tools to resolve it, like Estelle. I’m (almost) speechless. I really do feel so grateful and blessed that Activate Your Magic actually deals with the stuff that I’ve felt has been choking me.

I am also super-grateful for my new-found connection with Mother Earth. Our own planet really the best energy for me to connect with nowadays. That’s a complete 180 degrees transformation in 4 weeks…!

Nicki, AYM graduate Nov 2017

Wow! What powerful sessions. I’ve done so much training before, and although I enjoyed them, I am unsure if they really made any lasting difference. Activate your Magic has been absolutely brilliant. It’s been really liberating to finally understand how my sensitivity has been affecting every aspect of my life. There are so many wonderful videos and insights and real opportunities for healing on this course. I feel like I’ve invested in something that is going to continue helping me for a very long time.

 Such a relief. I feel like I can finally allow myself to flow with my life rather than having to put the brakes on in case something is about to go wrong.

Another big breakthrough came through embodying a lost soul part (using the soul retrieval process). Previously I have had a lot of reluctance to tap into earth energies, especially for healing. They have just been too powerful and scary in the past. But now, with this part of me back on board, I can access the gentler healing energies. Mother Earth feels a whole lot safer now. Thank you!

Diana Kingham, AYM graduate Nov 2017  

I just wanted to say thank you for Activate Your Magic. It has connected the dots for me in so many ways – it has just been phenomenal.  

I have struggled in the past to find my equilibrium. But now I can ground myself so completely. I can actually find my power in and from that constant movement in all things. The main thing is I AM NOT ALONE :0) I have done a lot of dabbling with things over the years and this really feels like I am catching hold of all those balloons strings to be able head off somewhere new. It feels like everything has been taken to the next level and I am very excited about it. I am so ready to kick some ass!

Claire Spencer, AYM graduate Nov 2017


What Estelle’s customers say about her work:

Janet Dryden: “What has happened over the weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. In an entirely painless, gentle and tender process, my life has gone from one of struggling with deep set fear to one of lightness, fun and love. I don’t remember when or if I have ever described myself as a happy person in the past, but I sure am one now. Having spent all my life feeling held back I now have momentum. This stuff is truly amazing. Its like living in a parallel, but better, universe. Everything looks the same, but it feels fantastic.”

Sally Longman “After going through over a decade in a relationship with no real commitment from my ex, and trying numerous forms of healing before I found Estelle. This work has finally enabled me to release myself from this prison. That one relationship had completely taken over my life and my mind. Since the work with Estelle I have attracted so much abundance into my life: my business is thriving, I am surrounded by beautiful people; I have finally found who I am. Estelle is a truly gifted individual; a beautiful soul! ” For free live streams on how to align with your soul’s highest purpose and embody your gifts:

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