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Activate Your Magic Group Programme

Group coaching: The Activate Your Magic Inner Circle

Activate Your Magic is a one-of-a-kind programme that answers every single question you have about your spiritual life and your soul’s highest purpose.

You’ll master a different skill set every week:

  1. Harnessing the Magic of your non-physical vibrational self,
  2. Aligning with Life Purpose,
  3. Re-aligning your DNA with Pure Source,
  4. Embodying your Highest Nature,
  5. Activating Your Unique Spiritual Blueprint
  6. Activating Your Sovereign Power
  7. Embodying Compassion and Love

All of which ensures that when you graduate, you will be able to create the connection with Source energy that you truly deserve

So Who is Activate Your Magic for?

If you are an established healer, coach or heart-centred entrepreneur, or if you are new to the spiritual path and have often been told you’re “too sensitive”, this is your chance to say goodbye to feeling stuck or unfulfilled. Because now is your chance to start living a life where you feel:

* 10 X more certain that the Universe has your back and that you are valued, loved and secure;

* 10 X more resilient and less overwhelmed by other people’s energy;

* 10 X more connected to your soul’s true purpose and spiritual gifts…

… a life that brings the “real you” into action.

Feeling You Can’t Move Forward in Life –
and can’t find a logical reason for it..? I get it.

Do you feel as if you are swimming against a strong and invisible current that you don’t fully understand? Are you emotionally wired to habits, thoughts and feelings that constantly hurt your relationships and your health?

I get those things too.

There are so many powerful light frequencies being directed towards our planet now that all kinds of blocks and very deep wounds are coming to the surface in order to be healed. For many sensitive people, these layers of programming have been stopping our lives from going forwards, and stopping us from being the person we want to be for years, (even lifetimes).

And to make things worse, the misery these blocks can cause us, do not appear to make any sense or have a rational cause. As a sensitive person, you simply know from deep inside you, and from the way your life is playing out, that you are not happy and that something important is not being dealt with or understood.

But with so many different modalities and spiritual development teachers out there, many sensitive people (even those who are well established on their paths) are lost in a forest of confusing and conflicting advice.

What if I told you that there is a simple solution that pulls everything together and virtually guarantees that you can escape this maze?

What if this solution made sure you only have to focus on the things that matter – the things that are really going to align you with your highest purpose, and connect you with your wisdom, intuition and gifts?

And what if you could have this semi-miraculous solution, without it taking an entire lifetime (or any more lifetimes!!) before you start getting results?

Well, I have such a solution. One I’ve helped many people to implement. Now I want to share it with you…

If you’re present enough to experience all the pain of being here, but not present enough to really connect with life’s rewards…

If you, your health and relationships are paying too high a price for what you experienced as a child…

If you’re tired of having countless healings, attending personal development courses and getting certificates in different healing modalities – and still not getting the results that you want…

Or if you’re already established and want to unleash even more of your higher self’s intuitive gifts to deepen and accelerate the transformations you achieve with clients…

Or if you’re entirely new to the spiritual world, and just don’t know where to start…

Becoming authentically aligned with your soul’s highest purpose and embodying more of your real nature will solve all these problems for you.


Here’s what aligning you with your soul’s highest purpose and embodying your real nature will enable you to do:

* Receive more love

* Feel fulfilled, and aligned with your soul’s highest purpose

* Free up your energy

* Overcome your fear of being visible and connected to source

* Connect with your gifts and move into healing mastery

It’s obvious just how much aligning with your soul’s highest purpose and embodying your real nature could change your life and your business, isn’t it? However, what’s not so obvious is HOW you can make it happen…..

Which of these blocks have been preventing you from aligning with your soul’s highest purpose, commanding your energy space and embodying your real nature?

* Not feeling you are worthy, and not feeling good enough?

* Being sceptical and believing that change is possible for others, but that nothing will work for you?

* Not trusting yourself to follow through and take the steps to finish the programme, knowing that you have a history of self sabotage?

* Not believing that you can make a difference or have anything unique to offer?

* Worrying that there isn’t a bigger purpose to your life and that you might just be wasting your time?

If any or all of these things have been holding you back, it isn’t your fault…

You just haven’t had a clear map. But what if you had one now and you could navigate all those obstacles straight away and connect to the Real You…?

The one who:

* has a strong inner vision of where they are headed and knows what actions to take to bring their soul’s highest gifts into each day of their life…
* feels safe and supported and trusts other people; trusts themselves and trusts in life…
* and naturally attracts loving and caring relationships.

The key to avoiding those obstacles and overcoming your blocks is having a system that shows you the exact mechanics that enable you to successfully embody more of your essential energy, and be free to express who you really are.

In this programme I will share with you the power of the

Activate Your Magic Blueprint.

These seven steps are your simple, easy to follow map. If you focus on this clear path to success, you will be taking all the right steps to breakthrough the seven big energy blocks that sensitive people need to transform to be fully present in their body, accept the gifts of their higher nature and bring them into the world.

Finally focus on what really matters!

We’ll work exclusively with the seven most powerful fulcrums I’ve found for transforming sensitive people’s lives. Its a holistic approach. We give up on piecemeal healings, no more focussing on belief by belief or trauma by trauma: we go in and change the entire energetic infrastructure in which all the information that is causing your difficulties is held.

We focus in on the seven big underlying causes of why energetically sensitive people struggle in their lives. And that includes the big issues that no-one seems to have a practical, “how to” solution for – like lack of embodiment –

i.e. what keeps you as a sensitive person largely out of your body, and how can you release yourself from being enmeshed and entangled in other people’s energy fields.

We also take the handbrake off your spiritual development by releasing your cellular structure from deeply encoded levels of fight and flight. I’ll teach you how to:

* regain control of your central nervous system;
* recover your ability to connect to a bigger vision of who you are, and
* move forward in your life!!!!

Activate Your Magic is your chance to stop wrestling with that invisible thing that is always holding you back and confidently express who you really are.


Aligning with your soul’s highest purpose and embodying who you really are could give you the leverage that could make the difference between a mediocre life, or one in which you enjoy 360 degrees of abundance. And here’s how that would look:

* enjoying fulfilling, authentic relationships;
enjoying support from the people around you and from the Universe;
* using your natural talents and gifts – to their maximum potential; and, even if you think this is so unachievable for you right now that it sounds like I’m being crazy:
* expressing your energy so authentically that source flows through you and you literally light up the lives of the people around you with your energy, enthusiasm and love.

As a sensitive person, all of that is possible for you.

So will you activate your real purpose and your deepest, most magical gifts, or will you stay chained to your conditioning and let all of your amazing sensitivity and magic dwindle to nothing and slowly die inside you?

What Estelle’s customers say about her work:

Janet Dryden:
“What has happened over the weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. In an entirely painless, gentle and tender process, my life has gone from one of struggling with deep set fear to one of lightness, fun and love. I don’t remember when or if I have ever described myself as a happy person in the past, but I sure am one now. Having spent all my life feeling held back I now have momentum. This stuff is truly amazing. Its like living in a parallel, but better, universe. Everything looks the same, but it feels fantastic.”

Pippa Hopkins
“Life is coming back to my body’s inner forest, and the habitat of my soul.”
Thank you for your time and huge work. I woke up feeling like some part of me had gently returned again. I don’t know how to describe it, but my body feels calmer, more spacious. Like a damn built by something other than me has been quietly dismantled and the water has returned…life is coming back to the body’s inner forest, and the habitat of my soul. I feel more settled into myself than I have for a long while. But what I really love about it is that I just adjust and ‘become’. I don’t have to rather try to concentrate on applying what I’ve learned and consciously change. Its hard to describe the effects from a logical perspective – I’m just very happy to forget how bad I was feeling.

Sally Longman
“After going through over a decade in a relationship with no real commitment from my ex, and trying numerous forms of healing before I found Estelle. This work has finally enabled me to release myself from this prison. That one relationship had completely taken over my life and my mind. Since the work with Estelle I have attracted so much abundance into my life: my business is thriving, I am surrounded by beautiful people; I have finally found who I am. Estelle is a truly gifted individual; a beautiful soul! ”

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