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Activate Your Magic Masters Programme

There is one really cool way to go through Activate Your Magic…

THE Activate Your Magic Masters Programme.

The Activate Your Magic Masters Programme is my highly exclusive two month one-on-one coaching program.

This is my premium one-on-one service.  Here’s what my client Nicki C said after completing the programme with me:

“My biggest thank you to Estelle is for seeing and acknowledging the mostly ‘invisible’ gut wrenching situation I had been been caught up in.  It has been the first time I have felt truly ‘seen’, understood and validated when describing my life’s events.

Estelle has given me an intelligent, constructive understanding of “why” things have happened.  And it’s a “why” that not only takes into account what happened in my childhood to shape events in my later life, but also acknowledges and connects me to a higher set of realities in a multi-dimensional universe.  That’s something I have always thought about, but never experienced as a personal reality until now.

The big question is “Has this really helped me?  Yes it has. Working with Estelle was a massive commitment to myself to stand for myself and “go for” my life. Three months on I easily feel that lifetimes of blind hardship and burden are over. I can feel how my light has been liberated and I am actively working with it on a daily basis.  I am attracting completely different, happier, truly exciting people and circumstances in to my life.  It’s a new reality for me.  I am truly grateful.”

As of April 25th 2018, I only have space for three more Masters clients.

So if fulfilling your soul’s highest potential is your top priority and you are committed to making it happen NOW, click on Book a free consultation below.

How to get on to the VIP Activate Your Magic Masters Programme:

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Here’s what you will receive when you register for my Activate Your Magic Masters Programme
Access to the entire Activate Your Magic Programme. You’ll master a different skill set every week:

• Harnessing the Magic of your non-physical vibrational self,
• Aligning with Life Purpose,
• Re-aligning your DNA with Pure Source,
• Embodying your Highest Nature,
• Activating Your Unique Spiritual Blueprint
• Activating Your Sovereign Power
• Embodying Compassion and Love

so that when you graduate, you will be able to create the connection with Source energy that you truly deserve.


  • FOCUS Coaching – 12 hours of recorded coaching on these 7 additional topics:
  • Building a body of light
  • Recordings of the group Q and A and Live Activate Your Magic light key transmissions
  • Habit Builder
  • Abundance Builder
  • Boundary Builder
  • Detox bonus

Most importantly, Activate Your Magic Masters students also get:

• One on One Karmic Breakthrough Healing sessions with Estelle – in which Estelle personally tunes into your unique situation. In a series of tender and compassionate encounters, Estelle connects with your inner child to identify and release the knots, blocks and locks that are preventing your soul’s evolution.

Everyone who undertakes the Activate Your Magic Masters programme can choose how they undertake the one to one healing component of their programme.

You can:

a) have 7 weekly, one to one, Skype sessions with Estelle (each lasting one hour) OR
b) have six hours of face to face, one to one healing with Estelle at one of her VIP Healing Retreats.

• If you find it hard to separate your wants and needs and find your own core values without being influenced by strong personalities around you – I’ll give you an energetic makeover. You’ll learn how to activate your unique energetic blueprint, release dark imprints and heavy karma, identify and align with your true core values, and build a powerful energy field, manage boundaries and master your energy field.

• If you’re constantly scanning your environment for danger – I’ll take you buy the hand and guide you step by step through my soul retrieval process. You’ll learn how to bring a deep experience of inner peace and safety to the most traumatised parts of your soul, and regain access to reserves of your core energy that have been held locked down by trauma.

• If you’re finding it hard to step into your power, your purpose or leadership role – I’ll walk you through every element of how you can effectively leverage the most over-looked resource in your alignment process; I’ll personally guide you through my unique master tool for making your own, personal connection to a field of living light intelligence that will ensure you ignite, nurture and bring to life your deepest dreams and desires. I’ll connect you to what Joseph Campbell, the celebrated anthropologist called “Mother Goddess stuff!”.

Masters coaching clients are the people who get the best results.

How to get on to the Activate Your Magic Masters Programme:

Book Your Free Consultation with Estelle:

Who can the Activate Your Masters Programme help?

Estelle has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world. The vast majority of the people she sees are what she would describe as “old souls”. They are sensitive to energy and awake. Although they have worked (often for many years) on their healing issues, the current accelerated expansion of consciousness we are going through is making life painful, frustrating and difficult for them.

As the amount of light being beamed into the earth plane increases, the depth and complexity of the problems that come forward from the unconscious also increases. The more spiritually capable a soul is, (whether they are aware of their talents or not), and the more lifetimes they have had, the more complex, binding and debilitating the layers of unresolved problems are that they are being asked to transform.

If you are an established healer, coach or heart-centred entrepreneur, or if you are already on a spiritual path and have often been told you’re “too sensitive”, the Activate Your Masters Programme (combining the power of Activate Your Magic and the Karmic Breakthrough) is your chance to say goodbye to feeling stuck or unfulfilled. It is your chance to start living a life where you feel:

  •  10 X more certain that the Universe has your back and that you are valued, loved and secure;
  •  10 X more resilient and less overwhelmed by other people’s energy;
  •  10 X more connected to your soul’s true purpose and spiritual gifts…

… a life that brings the “real you” into action.

What Estelle’s customers say about her work:

Alan Dolan, The Breath Guru:
“A-MA-ZING!! I don’t have the words to describe our work together. I feel clearer, more centred and happier then ever before. And my own work has become more powerful as a result. I have already received far more healing than I ever thought was possible.”

Janet Dryden:
“What has happened over the weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. In an entirely painless, gentle and tender process, my life has gone from one of struggling with deep set fear to one of lightness, fun and love. I don’t remember when or if I have ever described myself as a happy person in the past, but I sure am one now. Having spent all my life feeling held back I now have momentum. This stuff is truly amazing. Its like living in a parallel, but better, universe. Everything looks the same, but it feels fantastic.”

Rachel Perry
“After all the emotional, physical and mental investment I put into self healing and endless therapies that only really touched the surface, it was so great to finally get something back that was not only quick and painless but life changing in a deep and lasting way. A momentous block has definitely been removed. It has opened a door, too, where opportunities are appearing from nowhere for work and collaborative projects. I am excited to see what happens next!”

Sally Longman
“After going through over a decade in a relationship with no real commitment from my ex, and trying numerous forms of healing before I found Estelle, this work has finally enabled me to release myself from this prison. That one relationship had completely taken over my life & my mind. Since the work with Estelle I have attracted so much abundance into my life: my business is thriving, I am surrounded by beautiful people & I have finally found who I am. Estelle is a truly gifted individual & a beautiful soul! ”

Pippa Hopkins
“Thank you for your huge work. I feel like some part of me has gently returned again. I don’t know how to describe it, but my body feels calmer, more spacious. Like a damn built by something other than me has been quietly dismantled and the water has returned…life is coming back to my body’s inner forest, and the habitat of my soul. I feel more settled into myself than I have for a long while, but what I love about it is i just adjust and ‘become’ rather than having to try to concentrate on applying what I’ve learned and consciously change. Its hard to describe the effects from a logical perspective – I’m just very happy!”


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