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Achieve abundance in 2018, the natural, feminine and stress-free way


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by Estelle Gillingham in Uncategorized
embodiment helps us surf the wave

The Abundance DragonToday I would like to introduce you to a picture which is also a road-map of how to generate abundance in a natural, feminine and stress-free way. It is a system that is as old as time, but one that for most of us, has never been further away from how we currently live our lives. So, firstly, I’d like you to give a round of applause for one of my dearest Crystal Deity friends, The Purple Abundance Dragon.

You can learn all about the Abundance Dragon by watching this video.

This shiny-scaled, majestic but benevolent dragon has become a symbol of total abundance for me. She has her own waterfall of magical, glistening, multi-dimensional magic and light. And she has gorgeous deep pool of rich, purple, divine feminine energies to submerge her jewelled body in.

If this deity looks as if she has it made, she has. But how? She doesn’t even appear to be checking her phone. The answer lies in her deeply relaxed state. It is through her own relaxation and spaciousness that she has unlimited access to the feminine, empty space of the void. And because, for all of us, it is our continuous communication with this energetic ground of being, through our subconscious minds, that determines the outcomes we create in our lives, the Abundance Dragon is pointing the way. She is showing us how, we too, can manifest abundance, blessings and well-being. And it isn’t through getting stressed out of our heads, or getting fixated on vision boards.

If we can release the heavy and dense emotions that are locked away in our cellular memory, we can open up space in our own cellular structure. And with this newly opened space, comes the opportunity for us to become more aware of our deepest, unchanging nature. Our inner experience of spaciousness connects us to the part of ourselves that is transcendent. this is the part of us that has been with us eternally and is inseparable from the Divine.

We too have a huge reservoir of pure potential energy inside of us that connects everything in the universe. Everything in existence is connected to it, because everything in existence is created from it. When we connect to the spaciousness inside ourselves, we can then allow the outcomes that match our true, undistorted frequency, to flow naturally towards us. And, somewhat paradoxically, in that deeply relaxed state, the actions we need to take to achieve those outcomes will become clear. And, because our raised energetic vibration aligns us with synchronistic events that the conscious mind could never imagine, let alone write a project plan for, we also become super efficient.

Sound completely the opposite of everything you have absorbed from the world you have been brought up in? That’s because it is. If you want to achieve more, by doing less, this is the Crystal Deity to meditate upon. And if you need help releasing heavy, low-vibrating energies, remember to ask, and the way to achieve that will also become apparent to you.

This is the year to kick out stress and breathe in deep and enjoy yourself.
Wishing you a totally abundant and joyful 2018.

Much love,

PS: Don’t forget to watch the Abundance Dragon Video!

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Release the No1 block to connecting with your purpose and gifts

Download this FREE Ancestrial Healing process now!

It's free!
Get the DNA healing process now on mp3