As an exceptionally, finely-tuned empath and someone who has gathered almost a decade’s worth of experience in helping sensitive souls, Estelle has developed a totally unique ability to connect you with your soul’s sacred wisdom.

Through a literally “heart-felt” connection with your inner child (the part of you that has access to all your past and future experiences as a soul in the earth-plane), Estelle will unravel and dissolve the karmic knots, blocks and locks that have made you (and other healers) feel like they are banging their heads against a brick wall.

You know (or have always hoped!) that you have special to bring, you want to share your gift but whenever you think about really owning it, you’re met with your inner critic…

You’ve done a ton of work on yourself and you’re tired of feeling the pull of your spiritual destiny, but not getting the clarity and confidence that you need to take consistent, unstoppable action.

You’ve done some great healings, and / or run some great workshops and retreats, or you’ve been successful in other areas of your life. And you’re in this pattern of seeing the “first fruits” of your real potential, but secretly you long for the orchard, or even a dozen orchards!

And if we’re having the whole confession…

..,you’ve got a sleeve-long list of ideas and projects that either haven’t repaid the energy that you’ve sunk into them, or that seem so “out there” you’ve never been able to share them with anyone!

Either way, you know you come from a tribe where healing and guiding other souls is natural, magical and intuitive. So the prospect of learning new methodologies or following somebody else’s template is like being asked to put salt with pepper (you’ve already tried it with caramel, right?)

And when it comes to marketing, you know you need to master your message, but you’d way, way rather connect telepathically with a REAL avatar, than try to imagine a human one and write all your copy and emails to them!

BUT, if you did have permission to speak and write about your dreams, you know in your bones that it would involve something like:

* becoming a master healer

* hosting or running life-changing retreats

* or leading a new visionary movement that pours new light and energy into old and out-dated structures.

In fact, in your dreams, it’s as if you have already been doing these things.  Because in another dimension of consciousness…you have!  It’s only a matter of remembering how…

You just need the right ignition key – and a safe and sacred AL-chemical vessel to pour all your raw experience into so that you can distill the essence of who you are and whom it is that you came here to help.

Put simply, you want to go from your current mashup of “crazy” ideas to having a mapped out spiritual mission and plan…

…without all the heartache and confusion – and without all the shame and self-doubt.

These are the kind of results you’ll achieve…

How private coaching with Estelle will help you and…


An intensive 12 week program for empaths and old souls who are ready to unlock their soul’s full, unlimited genius and connect to their sacred wisdom so they can enrich and transform people’s lives.

Ace your spiritual mission is the focusing lens you need to:

*close the chapter on being the “ugly duckling” who never quite fits in and OPEN the chapter where you step fully  into being the beautiful, powerful Swan that you came here to be…

because when you embrace your difference – and realize your true, unique value – other people will as well!

*seize this auspicious moment in time to weave a new story for your tribe.

And, by the way, in this new legend, YOU are the super-qualified guide.

And it’s you who ensures your pupils emerge from their present struggles in life as nothing short of invincible – fully empowered and strutting their stuff unashamedly…

* remember, your ancient medicine chant – the song that the Wise Ones sang over you so that when you heard it, in the world, you’d know again how to speak from your heart – one that’s stoked with timeless wisdom and was forged from blazing, primordial passion and fire…

* change your vibration to one that shortcuts a ton of marketing AND magnetically attracts your ideal students, collaborators and clients…

* open the vault and regain access to the wisdom and gifts you’ve acquired throughout your soul’s entire history so that you can give and sustain unparalleled levels of service to the people that you have come here to help.

Here’s the transformational journey we will be taking together
inside Ace Your Spiritual Mission…

Whether it’s the new star seeds coming in now with their highly futuristic gifts (and equally misunderstood capabilities), or whether it’s your contemporaries, that you know how to help, to serve other people, you need to be free.

That’s easier said than done when, as an old soul, you’re all trussed up in a veritable corset of contracts and vows!  And not only is it cramping your style, it’s also starving your soul.

Whether you’re gagged from speaking your truth, steeped in the shame you’ve absorbed from the traumatized people who programmed your inner child, or duty-bound to submit to somebody else’s will, we’ll systematically reinstate each of these seven sacred rights, and grant your soul permission to thrive:

*  your right to be fully present (and to establish firm but loving boundaries)

* your right to receive (and to step into your authentic, guilt-free earning power and acquire the level of resources you need to do more than just “get by”)

* your right to take actions that are fully aligned with your truth and your core values

* your right to feel, trust and be guided by your own authentic feelings (and to give and receive unconditional love

* your right to speak your truth

* your right to see the world in your own unique way – and value that vision

* your right to connect directly with Source and channel the unique wisdom that enables you to achieve your dreams and transform other people’s lives.

There’s a secret chamber in your heart that holds your deepest past life wounds.  And if only you did but know it, this ancient vessel inside your chest is crammed with the base materials you need to ignite your wisdom and connect with your healing alchemy.

It’s time to map the unique mountain pass that your lifetimes of hard-won experience, have equipped you to guide your soul group through.

Like many sensitive, empathic old souls, you may well need to heal from the loss of Lemuria to reclaim your magical shape-shifting powers.  Or perhaps you need to trade in your deeply buried, Atlantean guilt for unparalleled access to the healing codes of the Devic and crystal realms.

The truth is, whether you’ve been a Cathar or an Essene, a Druid, or a Peruvian shaman, your soul is ready to shake itself free of all its karmic cobwebs and old energetic debris and breathe new life into the gifts you’ve been carrying in your DNA.

This is the module in which we’ll slip through the knot of linear time to harvest ALL the raw silk from your most significant lives. We’ll tease out the multi-dimensional threads that your soul needs in your current life, to re-weave your “ritu” – your raiment of light – and your soul’s most sacred robe.

And here’s how Ace Your Spiritual Mission will provide you with the results and the extra level of support that you’ve been looking for…

Ace Your Spiritual Mission is an unparalleled, transformative crucible specifically designed to ensure that smart, determined, sensitive people, like you, access your soul’s sacred wisdom and share your unfettered, inspiring presence and your true magic with the world.

Firstly, this is not just a “program”. This is a gentle, (but oh so powerful), highly customized, private coaching experience that will accelerate your spiritual growth and ensure you fulfill your highest potential through:


1. Private support in 12 one hour, One to One Healing Sessions with Estelle

In these sessions, Estelle will use her unique ability to establish a trusting relationship with your inner child, the part of your consciousness that holds the history of your entire soul.

Through that connection, Estelle will be able to journey throughout all levels and dimensions of your soul’s consciousness throughout all time, so that, in each customized session, you will:

* feel completely safe, supported, valued, seen, heard and understood at the deepest level you can imagine;

* release and dissolve the unique combination of multi-dimensional, ancestral and karmic contracts and vows that are binding your soul and preventing you from making the progress that you desire;

* be freed from the unhelpful energies (including energetic attachments, enmeshments with blood and soul families, empathic entanglements and dark imprints) that strain your loyalty, drain your energy and threaten the success of your mission;

* receive the unique set of healing transmissions and light activations you need to re-activate the gifts and wisdom you have gained from your spiritual lineage connections and from your most significant past lives;

* benefit from the experience that Estelle has curated through almost a decade spent helping sensitive souls  – because now it’s all been freshly distilled into the strategies and processes you will need to maintain your own high vibration and ensure you keep implementing your blueprint and fulfilling your mission once your one to one work with Estelle is complete.

2. A true partner to help you through your shifts via:

*Email support

You’ll have personal access to Estelle’s inbox and she will make sure you get your questions answered in between sessions.

AND you’ll also receive…

*Full Remote Energetic support

While working with Estelle, both you and your entire family will receive remote energetic support from Estelle between sessions.

Estelle will extend the unique and safe, sacred energetic container she creates in your sessions to your family members and members of your soul family to maximize the speed and ease with which you can integrate energy shifts and free yourself from any karmic detritus, (or energetic debris) that would otherwise interfere with your progress and / or slow things down.

You too could be getting results like these:

“Opportunities are appearing from nowhere!”

“After all the emotional, physical and mental investment I put into self-healing and endless therapies that only really touched the surface, it was so great to finally get something back that was not only quick and painless but life changing in a deep and lasting way.  A momentous block has definitely been removed. It has opened a door, too, where opportunities are appearing from nowhere for work and collaborative projects. I am excited to see what happens next!”

Rachel Perry

“A life-changing, precious experience.”

“Estelle’s approach to healing is totally unique.  I had seen many healers before Estelle, but none of them was able to help me. Her method really works!!

It is so wonderful to be totally free of the negative energies and blocks that I had carried for many years.   Estelle has a lot of light within her. The healing sessions were a life-changing precious learning experience for me. Thank you so much Estelle, I’m endlessly grateful!!!”

– Irina L.


“I feel totally rejuvenated from the crushed man whose head was about to explode into a happy go lucky guy.”

Recently divorced, years of mild depression, with a feeling my head was going to explode, several negative/ bad habits and then I found Estelle, what a touch!  Now I am dancing and singing like never before, my head feels normal and I am smiling.  Everything Estelle claims on her web page she can deliver and more, no doubt about it. And the icing on the cake, it was all done with such love, care and humour.  It was fun, soothing and worth every penny.

– Andy House

“I have attracted so much abundance – my business is thriving!”

I went through numerous forms of healing before I met Estelle trying to let go of a relationship that had completely taken over my life and my mind. The work with Estelle has finally enabled me to release myself from this prison and find myself again.  I have attracted so much abundance into my life in terms of the new people I have met, my business is thriving, I am surrounded by beautiful people and I have finally found who I am. Estelle is a truly gifted individual & a beautiful soul!

Sally Longman

Here’s what to do now…