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Estelle Gillingham, PhD: Energy Healer and Creator of the Karmic  Breakthrough and Activate Your Magic Group Programme

Hi, I’m Estelle Gillingham. I’m an intuitive healer and psychic development coach who specializes in helping smart, sensitive people understand and trust their experience, connect with their soul’s highest purpose and bring their spiritual gifts to life.

At a conscious level, I didn’t begin my spiritual journey until I nearly 39, so quite late on. I also began my professional life as a highly conventional, PhD qualified research scientist. For both of those reasons, no-one is more surprised than me when people say I’m a powerful shaman and medicine woman, or call me “the healers’ healer”. But despite being a very slow learner and rather handicapped by an over-developed rational mind, somehow or other, I now have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world who find my take on sensitivity, trauma resolution and transforming karma to be both life changing and empowering. Some of the details of how I made my journey remain a mystery, even to me.

But what I do know now is that lived experience is the only true way to become an expert in anything. It’s also the only way to develop the compassion required to help other people transform their lives. And that’s why I believe I had to set out to find my true path, and why I made so many mistakes and blunders along on the way. It all made me uniquely qualified to help other sensitive souls.  

The perils of taking guidance from people who don’t understand sensitivity… Looking back, one of my biggest blunders was taking advice from people who saw, and more importantly, felt and experienced the world, very differently to me. I guess that being rather short (five feet and a quarter of an inch tall, to be precise) I spent a lot of time looking up to other people. For years I took what seemed like sensible advice that had worked for hundreds of other people.

And each time I did, I would end up achieving all kinds of great things in the outside world. But deep inside, I couldn’t connect to or feel the value of any of it. It felt like my life was something happening to somebody else and that there was some invisible force blocking me from the kind of life I would actually want.

By the time I reached 39 years old, I really had had enough. Despite making several brave leaps into different kinds of work, my life still revolved around doing a job that was deadening to my soul. I felt very different to the people around me. So much so that I found just being around my work colleagues totally exhausting. Every week I used all my energy to pay the mortgage on a house I didn’t want to own. And occasionally, at the weekend, I got to see a man who very clearly didn’t want to commit to me. It was this last relationship that finally showed me a lethal pattern that I had been running for years.

I now call this pattern the “Prison of Over-Giving” and I love teaching sensitive people all the steps they need to take in order to turn this pattern around. Back then, however, all I had was the mind-bending pain of realizing I had been used. And even worse than that, was another realization: throughout my entire life, in different ways, I had managed to create that mess of over-giving and being exploited over and over again. Combined with another looming redundancy, the pain caused by those revelations was finally enough to drive me to do some things differently. I badly needed some different results.

And that is how I ended up seeing my first ever psychic… How I discovered I was energetically sensitive Now, I’d rather deny this bit, but when in my first ever psychic reading, this very eminent psychic told me that I was a healer, and an empath, I had no idea what she was talking about. And when she told me that my own levels of psychic sensitivity were off the chart and through the ceiling, I clearly remember wanting to look behind me. I was that convinced that she was talking to someone else!

But I things moved quickly from there. I knew nothing rational I had tried was of help, so, under this teacher’s guidance, I started to meditate and “breathe in light” from the arch angelic realms. As a very rigid, rational-minded research scientist, I thought it was all completely mad. But something inside me, the part that I had been trained to ignore, told me that I was on the right track. And surprisingly soon, having finally been exposed to a supportive energetic environment, I started to get my life force back.

I even started to value myself. In fact, I grew in so many ways, that in September 2011, having split up with Mr unavailable, I sold my house AND left my boring, conventional job. Over the next nine months I made up for every year I had spent exhausted and trapped in survival mode. I embodied the energies from Thailand’s most beautiful Budhist temples; I fell in love with Cambodia’s Angkor Wat; I cruised around the South Pacific Islands, learning about manifestation from Hay House’s Wayne Dyer. And when I arrived in Australia, I totally immersed myself in Aboriginal wisdom and art. Then just before leaving Australia for America, I discovered Marisa Russo, attended her training and qualified as a Forensic Healer. I went into that experience barely believing in past lives or the effect of curses, karmic contracts or vows. However, by the time I had completed my case studies and qualified:

I finally understood what the invisible forces were that had been holding me back from being who I really was and finding a fulfilling life.

Not only did Marisa convince me that karmic wounds were very real, she also assured me that I had a profound talent for healing them. Once in America, I traveled to all the Native American sacred sites whose names had always enchanted me while I was growing up. I visited Sedona, Mount Shasta and Canyon DeCheyne (the spiritual home of the Navaho). And everywhere I went, I met old soul friends who each imparted their wisdom to me. I learned about Atlantis, Egypt and Lemuria and I learned about the Native American’s medicine wheel.

By the time I came home, I had certainly enriched my life, but sadly, not my bank account. I was physically spent as well. Nine month’s of back packing and absorbing so many different high-vibrating energies while visiting sacred sites had taken its toll on my central nervous system. For reasons that no-one could explain, I had started to pass out whenever anyone even remotely connected to the spirit world came any where near me. My chakras would start spinning so fast that they seemed to shoot out in front of my body, and then within seconds, I’d find myself sprawling on the floor. But it seemed that Spirit had already anticipated my needs.

Synchronicity continued to stack up in my favour and very quickly friends introduced me to the teachers I needed to open my body’s energy channels so that even the most powerful spiritual energies could flow un-impeded through my physical body. I was blessed with incredible teachers. Over the following year I qualified to be a yoga teacher with someone so impeccably attuned that I could feel Guru Dev standing beside me every time we began a class. And, not to be outdone, the Qi Gong teacher I studied with was connected to a lineage of masters stretching all the way back to one of the last incarnations of Quan Yin! Not only that, but soon after arriving home, I was invited to begin my healing practice at a healing retreat in Glastonbury. And it was here that I learned about trauma – both my own, and other people’s – and how to release and resolve it.

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  The birth of the Karmic Breakthrough There’s an old saying to the effect that much is expected from those to whom much is given. And judging from the clients I immediately began attracting, my life was to be no exception to that. All my clients’ lives had been gripped and locked down by the same energetic strongholds, the same levels of trauma and the same complex layers of karmic difficulties that I had just learned to free myself from. Right from the start I needed every skill I had learned and every healing energy I had embodied on my journey – and then some. I began each session by deeply connecting into the Earth, opening myself to her heart field and to the magic of the unknown.

I watched in awe as, time after time, dark spirits were banished from my clients energy fields, parts of their soul returned, and they emerged as lighter and brighter versions of themselves as their karma and trauma released and dissolved.

The blessing and the curse of being sensitive  As my work continued, I began to realise several things about the souls that seemed specifically drawn to work with me: Everyone of them, whether they realized it or not, was highly sensitive; They felt incredibly blocked and, like me, as if some unseen force that defied any rational explanation was holding them back from moving forward in their life; Everyone of them was being profoundly affected by the new amounts of high vibrating light that were beaming down into the earth plane.

The new intense waves of evolutionary energies, unnoticed by humans who have not developed their innate sensitivity, were acting like an alarm clock – stirring up huge amounts of buried pain and low vibrating stuck emotions and energy. They were becoming more and more aware of how this deep unresolved pain was pointing to an underlying, unfulfilled desire to be true to their real nature. And where they had previously been able to compromise (and hide their real nature) in their choices of work, or their relationships, those compromises were now hurting too deeply for them to ignore. What keeps sensitive people separate from the life they desire Over the next years I saw again and again how a sensitive person’s ability to allow other people’s energy and thoughts to permeate every cell of their body meant they were swamped by centuries of untransformed traumatic memories, limiting programming and unresolved pain.

I realized that to provide sensitive people with the radical help they need to achieve their Divine potential, you have to understand that, more than in any other kind of person, the way they feel and react to life isn’t just determined by their current life experience.

It is also influenced daily by their amazing ability to access cellular memories and subconscious programs in their ancestral lines, in their pre-natal and birth experiences, and also by traumas experienced in their past lives. If you don’t take this into account, the difficulties and sense of isolation and failure that sensitive people feel will never make sense. Factor this is and help a sensitive person get to the real root cause of their problem and you will solve the puzzle and quickly help them to set themselves free.

The real root cause of exhaustion, anxiety and physical tension As a result of all the traumatic memories sensitive people feel have access to they feel deeply unsafe a lot of the time. This is because a high proportion of the cells in their body are held in a state of fight or flight. Most sensitive people live in a state of hyper-vigilance – perpetually scanning their environment for what their subconscious perceives as signs of a potential threat. A lot of a sensitive person’s behaviour stems from the strategies they developed when very young in response to feeling unsafe.

This fundamental lack of security, and anything that triggers it, has a tremendous impact on a sensitive person’s ability to: trust in life and in other people; set and maintain effective boundaries; free themselves from repeated patterns of over-giving and putting other people’s needs above their own (even if it is harming the sensitive person); speak up for themselves; believe they are worthy of love and that they have the right to have their needs and wants heard and fulfilled.

Being constantly stuck in survival mode is exhausting. Its a lot of work for the adrenal glands and, as a consequence, sensitive people are more likely than most people to be in a state of adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. They are also more likely to suffer from anxiety, which can then translate into chronic physical tension. Apart from the physiological implications of being trapped in fight and flight, which include suppression of the immune system and the body’s ability to repair and replenish itself, survival mode also has an impact on our sense of well-being. It affects our resilience and our confidence in our ability to bounce back and deal with what comes our way in life.

The good news about being sensitive My biggest breakthrough came through witnessing what happened when a sensitive person absorbed the healing transmissions I had become able to give as a result of all my travel, my study and through everything I had learned to transform in my own healing journey.

I watched how rapidly sensitive people whose lives had been beset with deeply rooted problems for years could transform their energy fields when they were finally placed in a very specific kind of supportive energetic environment. And I realised that sensitive people have a completely unrivalled gift for translating vibrational information.

I then realized why I had embarked upon on the complicated and specific life path I had been traveling – and it wasn’t just about releasing trauma and karma. It was about a whole new vision of what sensitive people, like me, were uniquely equipped to do. Because, once sensitive people are free from the energetic matrix of habits, emotions, behaviours, feelings and thoughts that have been holding them locked down in patterns of low self-esteem, self sabotage and multiple, subtle(and not so subtle) forms of self harm – they are free to use their sensitivity as a powerful, sacred gift. Why your life is ultra-valuable and full of meaning

“The history of life can be understood as the creation of ever more sensitive creatures in a universe where there is always another dimension of beauty to be felt and savoured.” Brian Swimme – The Universe is a Green dragon

I believe that at the core of every sensitive person there is a genius. They have an astounding ability to perceive and trust in the existence of things before they become apparent to other people, and even before they appear in the physical world. Its the same gift that enables us to know before anyone else does what someone’s “hidden” agenda is – or to “just know” the right thing to do or to say to help someone who is in pain.

The more intuitive, sensitive and empathic you are, the bigger the problems this gift is likely to have caused you, because your ability extends into a deep capacity to absorb other people’s energy and programming. Sensitive people not only absorb energetic information more readily than other people, they translate that vibrational information into feelings, emotions, physiological states and neurological pathways. But it’s this very gift of being able to merge with, absorb and experience forms of energy and consciousness other than our own that makes us so valuable to the world.

When sensitive people are no longer shackled to external and outdated ideas of how we should behave and what we deserve to receive; when they are sufficiently soothed and calmed and finally become fully present in their physical bodies, and when they take conscious control of the thoughts and feelings they focus on, this gift allows them to become saturated in the most magical energy of all. No-one else on the planet can match a sensitive person’s ability to connect to the field of living light intelligence that the Aboriginals call the Dream Time and the Eastern Mystics call “the ground of all being”. This same field of unshaped energetic potential is what today’s quantum scientists call the unified field, and what many spiritually minded people now refer to as Source energy. When sensitive people regain their ability to access that field of living intelligence, they can bring its light and sacred fire into their bodies, transforming their ancestral and karmic pain, by changing their DNA.

When I realised the real purpose of my work was to enable sensitive people to embody their ability to tune into and embody these magical forms of consciousness, to go beyond what everyone else could feel and experience and to achieve their ultimate purpose and dream of bringing heaven to earth, I knew I finally had a vision that made the sensitive person’s struggle worthwhile.

Finally their gift of sensitivity could allow them to fly. Suddenly, their lives could become as magical as they had always, in secret, believed it should be. Sensitive people have an unrivalled ability to harness the awesome and mysterious magic from which all creation has issued forth. Their gift gives them a direct and personal connection to the very same powers that build the universe. Put simply, sensitive people naturally have what it takes to become a genius at manifestation and conscious creation. And they have it in spades.

Their ability to merge with other forms of consciousness also means they can heal the earth, and every form of life with which we share this beautiful planet, at a very profound level indeed. As a karma coach, I believe that the crisis facing humanity and our planet is forcing us all to reassess and restructure our fundamental vision of the world, and to change our values. Where imagination and psychic sensitivity have been dismissed and considered marginal during the past two centuries, as sensitive people we will find that the skills we remember as we realign with our real nature will be increasingly in demand. I also believe we are entering a time when the creative powers residing in you, and the magic of your sensitivity will never have been so desperately required.

Sensitive people can connect to the deep feelings of the universe that sweep through the cosmos. Therefore our potential to be at the forefront of this new wave of evolutionary consciousness is huge.

As sensitive people, we more than anyone else on earth are the universe pressing into an awareness of itself. We, more than anyone else, as co-creators steeped in the field of evolutionary living light intelligence, need to bring forth our own true light and remember our gift of igniting light and fire. We have to lead by bringing forth what others cannot see and what otherwise might disappear, by being spectacularly true to ourselves and impeccably honouring our dreams.

Something is developing, hatching, unfolding and we, as sensitive people are needed as the imagination and the great heart at the very centre of the whole transformation. Because who else will feel the great love that we feel for the world? Who else will reach deeply into the unknown and awaken the planet with sensitive music, writing, healing and art? Who else will fight for the magical devic realms, or be the voice that shares the wisdom of the animal kingdom and of the plants and trees? We need to awaken ourselves and others so that the universe can come alive within us and heaven can find its home, once again, inside us all.Learn more about:

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  1. Tracy peake says:

    All of this sounds amazing I am very drawn to work with you.

    Kindest regards

  2. Madeleine says:

    Hi After listening to your 3 steps talk via Facebook I actually couldn’t believe it, i felt you could have been describing me… it gave me great comfort to feel that maybe someone could finally explain what is going on. I would love to have a session with you obviously depending on cost. Where abouts are you based? Thanks kind regards Madeleine

  3. Virvla says:

    Thank you for the hope you bring and for seeing us/me who are constantly searching and working with ourselfs to heal,to move forward,to find purpose. I know we are many that needs guidance to free ouselves. I would love to work with you. /virvla

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