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Activate Your Magic Group Programme

A focused and proven, powerful System with precisely what you need to turn your sensitivity into the key that unlocks your purpose, loving relationships and your gifts.

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Activate Your Magic Masters Programme

The Activate Your Magic Masters Programme is Estelles highly exclusive one-one-one coaching program. Includes 12 hours of coaching on 7 additional topics, and 7 weekly hour-long Karmic Breakthrough Healing sessions.

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VIP retreats with Estelle

Estelles very special VIP retreats combine the unique transformation energy of her retreats with the full power of the Activate Your Magic Masters Programme. Held in beautiful high energy locations around magical Cornwall UK.

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Success Stories:

A-MA-ZING!! I don’t have the words to describe our work together. I have received far more healing than I ever thought was possible.

Alan Dolan, The Breath Guru

I don’t know anyone more connected to source energy than Estelle. I deeply value and love her work, it’s life changing!

Seth Tabatzanic, Co-founder at 42 Acres

“A very gifted soul sister. I would recommend Estelle to anyone who maybe considering working with her.”

Leanne Edwards-Shaman, Tantrika, Founder of the Earthwork Project

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